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 Tune in every Saturday at 1 pm to our Facebook page to meet our featured Springfield dog.

 Our dogs and the volunteers at our Springfield, Ohio kennel are live on Facebook every Saturday at 1pm. You'll hear the latest rescue news about who's new at the kennel, meet old friends and see featured foster dogs from all over. Things are always changing at the kennel. New tenants come in and lucky tenants move out to fosters and adopters. Our "apartments" are never empty for long as new dogs are always coming in.

If you are in the area, what better way to choose your new friend than to go meet the dogs in person? Most of our dogs are in foster homes throughout many states but ten are housed in a kennel facility in Springfield, OH.  It's half a day's drive from Detroit and Chicago, 6-7 hours from the Washington D.C. metro area and a little further from metro New York, but it's all doable in a day's drive.

The adoption fee for dogs picked up at the kennel is $350. Approved adopters can meet the dogs, save the transport fees or put it towards a hotel and gas. If you can't drive, transport is available. All the dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and tested for heartworm. Fill out the adoption application at www.nationalpyr.org/adoption-form or email us and let us know who you are interested in! Everyone at the kennel is very friendly and helpful.

Volunteers do the dog walking, feeding, watering, leash training and help with socializing the dogs. Our volunteers will make your day visiting the kennel worth the trip. You can visit www.nationalpyr.org/adoptable-dogs to see the pooch profiles for all our dogs.  More dogs come into the kennel all the time so look for dogs with a Springfield, Ohio location. Steve is our kennel manager and shown left with Salem, one of our newest intakes.

Here are a few of the dogs currently at the Springfield kennel looking for their furever homes:




Dodger is a a handsome one-year-old male who had been a livestock guardian at a farm. We are happy to say he is quickly learning how to be a good companion animal and now looking for a furever family for him. You can read more about Dodger here.






Ava is also a one-year-old Pyr, on the smaller side at about 65 lbs. She came from the same commercial breeder as Wendy and Ivy. She absolutely loves to spend time in the  yard and loves to play with other dogs. She doesn’t have a pooch profile, but to learn more about her, you can write in her name on the adoption application. Here's a video of Sasha, Ava and Wendy.







Austin is an active, playful male of three. He's a fast learner and has already mastered his sit cue, and is pyrfecting his leash manners. Visit Austin's pooch profile to learn more about him.









Gracie is a super nice three-year-old who is in need of a home and a great family of her own. She's a real sweetie who really loves her people.  Visit Gracie's pooch profile to learn more about her.









Attila is a smart two-year-old male–very sweet but he needs to learn some training and manners so will need a strong leader. He loves to jump up and hug you but we are working on that! He does pull hard on a leash and he is incredibly strong so someone familiar with the breed who can handle large dogs is a required. You can read his pooch profile to learning more about him.







This pretty girl with the expressive eyes is Sasha, a Pyr Anatolian mix. She is only four years old and would like a foster or furever home of her own.  Visit her pooch profile to learn all about her or view this video of Sasha & her stick.






Wendy is a one-year-old Pyr who is on the smaller side, about 70 lbs. She came from a hoarding situation in Iowa.  She doesn't have a pooch profile yet but if you can't resist her beautiful liquid eyes,  you can write in her name on the adoption application form.