Available Positions

Help our dogs find Homes! These important volunteer positons (and more) are currently available with National Pyr Rescue. If you’re retired and would like to volunteer from home, rescue offers the option to do that.  If you’re just starting out in your career, volunteer positions can give you an edge in the job market and the ability to enhance your skills and learn new ones.  NGPR is always happy to give a reference for a job well done which has helped volunteers gain paying positions they want. Flex-hours and working at home are additional volunteer perks!  Add a new skill to your resume by volunteering. We’re eager to put you and your skills to work. Volunteer by completing the application here and tell us the position you are interested in under “Additional Comments” at the bottom of the volunteer application.  Thanks for helping the dogs.

Applications Coordinator

Help find homes for dogs. Hands-on experience with the breed required. Review applications, respond to applicants and conduct phone interviews with them, do vet checks, set up home visits, recommend appropriate dogs to families from listings of available dogs, coordinate travel arrangements, follow through on adoption contracts and placements of dogs.

Skills: Good organizational skills and telephone skills, access to e-mail several times a day. Ability to access online data base.

Availability: Can be done during the day or evenings.

Tools: Applications list, adopter list, volunteer list and online dog listings.

Estimated Time: Flexible, 4+ hours weekly.

How It Works: Coordinators are assigned applications to review and process from the pool of applications we receive.  In 2021, we have received over 2,000 applications year-to-date!

Online Listings Assistant

Join the the team that posts available dogs to adoption sites using template listings written and submitted by volunteer writers, and photos submitted by fosters.

Skills:  Attention to detail, ability to follow instructions. Comfortable entering data and uploading images to online Admin sites. Must have access to and basic knowledge of photo editing software. Competent text editing skills. Familiarity with HTML is a plus but not necessary

Availability: Can be done on evenings and weekends; flexible pre-determined schedule. Occasional daytime communication w/email or text

Tools: Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, or other photo-editing software that supports layers; Word; Notepad; Google account for shared docs; Skype for training sessions

Est. Time: Flexible, depends on number of dogs ready to post. Time per week TBD. Training sessions using Skype and Word – approx. 4 hrs

Data Entry Specialist

Help us manage the huge volume of paperwork of rescue.  Upload medical records and other data. Run reports and distribute to other volunteers.

Skills: Ability to upload and download data, access to email and our online database, familiarity with word processing and spreadsheet programs.

Availability: Can be done during the day or evenings.

Tools: Microsoft Office and Google account for shared spreadsheets.

Estimated Time: Flexible, 2+ hours weekly.

Shelter Intake Coordinator

Call and e-mail shelters where Pyrs needing rescue are located, alert closest rescue volunteers, fax or e-mail forms, arrange for fostering, boarding, transport or medical. Work with web coordinator to get dogs posted online.

Skills: Good organizational and telephone skills, medical knowledge about care for dogs, good judgment about what is possible and not possible, access to e-mail several times a day. Ability to use Excel and Word documents.

Availability: Must be available for some time during day.

Tools: Pull guidelines, rescue contacts list, 501-c-3 form.

Estimated Time: As much as you can give.

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Great experience for an early to mid-level marketer looking to broaden their communication and e-mail marketing skills in the animal welfare field. Develop theme, write headlines and copy for weekly email blasts and drop in attention-getting photos and graphics.

A major part of the communications role at National Pyr is to help others understand what we do and why we require their support. A primary skill is to develop and publish compelling stories based on our work. Collaborators are encouraged to follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/NationalPyrRescue to translate our posts and pictures into stories that will engage others, raise funds, share our passion for rescue and educate the public about the breed.

Become part of our dedicated team of rescuers. We want to hear from you if you have compassion for animals, a deep commitment to making the world a better place and can help others understand what we do and why it’s important.

Availability: Can be done during the day or evenings.

Tools: Word docs, Mail Chimp email marketing program, Photoshop Elements or other graphics-editing program.

Estimated Time: Flexible, can be done weekends and evenings.