In Memoriam

The loss of a Great Pyrenees leaves a big hole in everyone’s heart–not only for the person who owned the dog but also for those who knew him or her. We receive donations throughout the year in memory of these wonderful dogs and also sometimes for their owners when they pass, too.

This is why we have created a page to honor and remember those no longer with us. When you make an in memoriam donation, your name will be entered with your personal message in the table below, unless you choose to be anonymous. For donations of $25 or more, an acknowledgement will be sent to the dog’s owner. Enter the contact information of the person who should be notified in the message field. All donors will receive an email receipt for their tax-deductible donation. Thank you for caring about these wonderful dogs.

Total Donations: $1820


Linn Meyer

Dedicated to: In memory of Rhoda and Josh

Ragenea Thompson

Dedicated to: In loving memory of Fredrick Thomas Goodfellow and his beloved GP Sampson

Carol Lakey Hess

Dedicated to: Jesse

Skip Coomey

Dedicated to: For Megan and Brian Johnson. So sorry for the loss of your beautiful girl Phinley. You are meant to be caretakers of the beautiful and complex Pyrenees.

Lisa Byrd

Dedicated to: In Memory of Phinley Johnson. Because of this organization and her loving family, she lived her Best Life full of love, support and care.

Jeff Rhodin

Dedicated to: Grace Burke

Randell B. Perkins

Dedicated to: In memory of Simba and Nala.

Patricia Goldsmith

Dedicated to: In honor and memory of the amazing Kody. Bless you Joye Keeley for everything you do for the Pyrs. Trish and Karen

Erin DeWitt-Miller

Dedicated to: In memory of Leiden, the greatest pyr I've ever known, as well as Pacha and all other dogs gone too soon - especially those lost on the 8th of any month, the anniversary of my girl's passing.

Clare Francis

Dedicated to: In honor of Momo.

Emil Vasylyev

Dedicated to: Duncan Coltrin Flint

Thomas Whelan

Dedicated to: In memory of Dezi and Lacie.

Hannah Davis

Dedicated to: Benton Davis.

Matt & Elizabeth Murphy

Dedicated to: In memoriam of Ozzy, a special dog who will be missed.

Linda Katalenich

Dedicated to: In honor of Dharma.

Steven Pilger

Dedicated to: Orion Weissman-Sacheli.

Michelle Montgomery

Dedicated to: In memory of Orion <3

Jillian Burgess

Dedicated to: In loving memory of Orion Sacheli-Weissman for being the best fluff. Love Jill, Lindsay, Lani, Kate and Aliyah.

Molly Sacheli

Dedicated to: For Orion.