Our Rescue Program

National Great Pyrenees Rescue (NGPR) adopts out pre-owned Great Pyrenees dogs and Pyr mixes into responsible, caring homes from coast-to-coast. Puppies from 12-weeks up are sometimes available. Our adoption fee for a spayed or neutered, fully vaccinated dog in the Northeast is $550. Fees can vary from $350 up depending upon the dog’s age or region. Volunteer transport may be available to move a dog to you or there may be an additional fee for paid transport depending upon location. Please read the adoption fee and transport information posted on every dog’s listing.

We take dogs from shelters and from owners who can no longer keep them and place them with our foster families. We can then see how they interact in a home environment with kids, cats and other dogs and work with the dog to ensure that he/she is ready for adoption. Before any dog enters our “virtual adoption floor” we have made a considerable time and financial investment in that dog and have done our best to address any behavioral or health issues that have been identified. He/she has been spayed or neutered, fully vaccinated and treated for any problems we are aware of which will be disclosed to you. Your adoption fee “pays it forward” for the next dogs coming into rescue—their spaying or neutering, vaccinations, testing and treatment for heart worm, lyme and other tick-borne diseases, ear or eye infections, orthopedic issues, deworming, parasites and the purchase of antibiotics and medications for flea, tick and heart worm prevention. You may be adopting one dog but your adoption fee supports our rescue program and all the dogs in it—so regardless of age or physical condition when they come into rescue—we can help them all find homes.

Although no guarantees can be made about temperament, most of our rescue dogs have lived in foster homes; a few have been sent to training “school”. When the dog has been exposed to children, cats and other dogs, we share what the experience has been with you. The adoption contract states that rescue will take the dog back as foster space allows if he/she does not fit into your household. We will continue to advise you for the lifetime of the dog and will work with you to find the best situation for your pet if your living circumstances should ever change.

When you work with a breed rescue like NGPR you will learn the breed characteristics so you know what to expect. NGPR encourages potential adopters to learn all they can about the Great Pyrenees breed. Owners who are unaware of the breed’s characteristics are the reason that many dogs end up in rescue. We strongly suggest that you thoroughly research the breed, starting with our Know the Breed page and other resources available on this site.