Training Tips

Photo by Dee Janssen

Everyone living or working with a Pyr can use some good training tips. We present several below as PDF files you can download or videos you can view on Facebook, courtesy of trainer Roman Gottfried. You can also email Roman for behavioral assistance. Here’s a Facebook video that talks about the effectiveness of online training. More Facebook videos from Roman are below.

Elizabeth Ingalls is a trainer who has worked with Great Pyrenees for close to two decades. She believes it’s important for adopters to know that dogs are individuals, but also have a long line of genetics that may influence their behaviors. The behaviors that make a guardian successful in a working role can sometimes create friction in a pet dog home. She believes that’s where your real work together begins. You can email Elizabeth or visit her on Facebook or Instagram.  

The “Dog to English” Translation Chart reproduced below should serve as a helpful reminder for canine body language.  Being aware of your dog’s body language helps to encourage certain desirable behaviors and discourage negatives ones. 

The selected links in the PDF below, prepared for fosters, outlines expectations for fostered dogs and but is a good reference for other dogs as well.

Training Good BehaviorP. 1 Teaching Basic CommandsP. 5
Food Guarding P. 2 House TrainingP. 6
Counter SurfingP. 2 Crate TrainingP. 9
Getting on FurnitureP. 2 Leash WalkingP. 12
Door Behavior P. 4 Dog Toys/How to Use ThemP. 15

The following videos and links can help modify problem behavior and reinforce good behavior. Roman Gottfried gets high marks from people who want to understand their Great Pyrenees better. This owner, who contacted us about surrendering the Pyr she got from a local pound, has this to say: “I’ve been watching Roman Gottfried’s videos and have learned so much from him and from working with Odie and building our relationship. I’m growing in my understanding of this particular dog and the breed. ” – Janelle in Michigan

General Behavior

Nothing in Life is Free Training

Excitement Control:

Options-Problem Solver:

My Dog Jumps On People:

Living Peaceably with Cats and Dogs

Spay And Neuter:

Alpha Boot Camp, or Who’s in Charge Here?

Alpha Theory Debugged:

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Dog to English Translation

New Dog

Increasing the Odds of a Successful Adoption

Pyr Problem Solving

Adopted a Dog, Now what:

Time And Space:

Adopting A Rescue:

Adoption Trauma:

Dogs Shelter Trauma:

Puppy Training

Hyper Puppy:

Is your Puppy Biting:

Puppy Crate Training:

Puppies And Kids:

Rebels with Paws—a Guide to Canine Adolescence


Warning Signs:

Dogs are NOT aggressive:

Aggression VS Reactive:

Is Your Dog Growling?:

My Dog Bit a Child: