Other Ways to Help

Volunteers are needed for many different jobs. There are lots of ways to help.

Home Visits

Meet with families interested in adopting a dog. A visit is scheduled when all household members (including pets) are home, usually on a weekend but sometimes on an evening during the week.


Drive a rescue dog within a 1-3 hour radius of your home. Complete our short Transport Volunteer form.   Transportation is usually in close proximity to you, and you can let us know how many miles you might be willing to drive. The entire route is mapped out by the location and time available of the individual volunteers in that area.

Dog Assessment

Volunteer to evaluate rescue dogs in your area. When an owner is interested in surrendering their dog or a dog is at a shelter, someone needs to evaluate the dog. The evaluation determines whether the dog is a Great Pyrenees or Pyr mix, their temperament and whether this dog is placeable. You can always consult with other rescue volunteers if you need help.

Do you have a skill that could help rescue or a service you can donate? Please tell us about it!

Please fill out the Volunteer Application Form. And thanks for helping rescue.