Fence Climbers

For the determined climber, other than an 8-ft. fence, there are two options:

1.”Coyote fencing” (aka “coyote rollers”): this may not be as pretty as you’d like, but it appears to be highly effective. It was originally developed to keep coyotes out of backyards and pastures. The theory is that the top line of the fence will roll, forcing the dog to fall backwards when he tries to clear the fence. Usually dogs pull themselves over the top rung, so this makes sense. Some people even use these on gates to keep dogs from climbing up on the crossbars.

How to do it:

• Buy PVC pipe ( 1/2″ and 3″)

•  Wire cable

•  L-brackets

•  Eye bolts and nuts

Attach the L-brackets on either side of the fence. You may need to reinforce it at key areas along the fence line, depending on the size of the fence. Run the wire through the small 1/2″ PVC pipe. Thread that 1/2″ PVC pipe through the 3″PVC pipe. Attach the wire to the end of the fence with the eyebolts.

Do not leave any section of the fence unprotected because you think the dog “will never go over that area behind the bushes.” Keep as much tension as possible on the wire in order to keep the PVC up and spinning free above the fence, so it doesn’t stay stuck on the top of the fence.

2. “Lean-ins”can be constructed with farm fencing, so that the top of your fence is angled in a bit horizontal to the ground. This is similar to the “no-climb” fencing used to keep cats in the yard, just stronger. There are companies that sell such kits to attach to your existing fencing.