Adoption Application

Thanks for your interest in adopting one of our beautiful rescue dogs. The adoption process is as much about you and your family’s readiness for a Great Pyrenees or mix as it is about finding the appropriate dog for your home. We are short on volunteers to answer random questions about individual dogs so we ask that you complete the online application so we know a little bit about you when our volunteer calls. You may be surprised, but many applicants do not adopt the dog they originally applied for. Adoption is a multi-stage process that consists of determining whether you are ready to adopt and then identifying the appropriate dog for your home. Please visit our adoption process page to see how this works. We appreciate your patience as there are many dogs and many applicants, but just a few qualified volunteers to make the match that we hope will be right for you. We advise watching this video as a good primer on what you can expect from owning this breed.


Take our quick test to determine if you are ready to adopt. You should be able to answer yes to all the following:

  • Sturdy, visible, above-the-ground fencing, four foot minimum, five foot preferred
  • Pets are spayed or neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations with dogs on year-round heartworm preventative. Your veterinary reference should be able to confirm the status of pets in your household
  • You’ve done the research or have the experience to determine that your child or children regularly visiting your household are ready for a large-breed dog who is a guardian by nature. View the informative video about dogs and kids here
  • Prior dog experience, large dog preferred
  • For renters, we will need permission from your landlord


We do not have any working dogs at this time. Adopted Pyrs are to be indoor house pets that are bonded family members, not working or outdoor only dogs.

Puppies Up to Six Months Old
Preference will be given to homes where there is an adult dog in the home.

Companion Animal Adoption Application, Dogs Six Months or Older
Please click on the button below, which will open the adoption form in a new window.After you complete the form, you can close the window or tab and continue to navigate our site. A National Pyr Rescue volunteer will contact you within a few days. We are all volunteers and do our best to respond to inquiries.

Adopter Location
NGPR works primarily with adopters in states east of the Mississippi River, Illinois and Louisiana due to the logistics of transport. Adopters west of the Mississippi, please consult our state contacts list and apply to an affiliated organization listed for your state or a state near you.

Livestock Guardian Dogs
We do not have livestock guardian dogs (LGDs) at this time.  It is our policy not to place puppies as LGDs or to place adult rescue dogs as LGDs unless they have a proven, successful track record with livestock and/or poultry. As a proven track record for anything is relatively rare in rescue and we have no way of testing dogs on a farm, for protection of your stock and our dogs we must at this time defer from placing rescue dogs as LGDs.