Where Are They Now?

Here are some of the wonderful dogs who have been adopted lately and what their new owners have to say about them.

Sadie : Adopted 7/14/23

Her Story: Sadie was running around the neighborhood with a male Pyr pal. The neighbors weren’t happy about their “impromtu” visits . The owner of the dogs, who couldn’t contain them, agreed to surrender them to an NGPR volunteer.

Her Adopter Says: We’re in Love. Sadie is a ball of fun energy. She eagerly joins me on 5 a.m. walks. She’s gentle with our son and loves to play chase with her new brother (collie) Calvin.

Zeus : Adopted 7/9/23

His Story: Zeus was found roaming the highway in Alabama, loaded with parasites and suffering from severe mange. He ended up unclaimed at an overcrowded shelter and a volunteer drove Zeus to an open NGPR foster in Georgia to save his life.

His Adopter Says: “Zeus spent his first night sleeping on the kitchen floor and already had his first bath early this morning where he stood very patiently in the tub. He has had several walks already today and met a few neighbors and was very friendly with everyone he has met. He follows my wife around the house and seems to be really enjoying the air conditioning and ceiling fans. He has let us know when he wants to go outside and we have started training him to use the bells at the door. He is an all around wonderful dog and is easily fitting into our family dynamic. He and our youngest son who just turned 18 are getting along beautifully… We are so happy that we have Zeus in our family now and can’t thank you enough for everything you and William and everyone else at NGPR have done to make it possible.”

Freya: Adopted 7/7/23

Her Story: Freya is the Mom of 9 puppies from West Virginia who were surrendered to us in May. We also took the Dad dog.

Her Adopter Says: Freya is relaxing today after her long journey. She is learning how to be in a house and loves the yard. She slept in her crate last night and I am working with my dogwalker to address her training needs. She will need time to adjust but I am patient. She loves any dogs and people I have introduced her to so we will get settled in in time. It is a big change.

Frau :(Now Frosty) Adopted 7/6/23

Her Story: Frau was found wandering in Alabama with Herr. They went unclaimed at the crowded local shelter and were lucky NGPR found a kind, local foster to take them. Herr has been adopted, too, which means a happy ending for both of them.

Her Adopter Says: Frosty loves to gather the cat beds and chew on her toys. When she she’s done, the cat beds are full of toys, antlers and balls! I love how Frosty kisses the cat Abbie. She has a sweet spirit. She loves people and has truly never met a stranger. When she does something funny she will smile, like did you see what i just did. We are so grateful to have Frosty in our family.

Herr: Adopted 7/8

His Story: Herr came into rescue with Frau. They didn’t appear to be bonded although they were friendly with all dogs. Frau went to Pennsylvania and Herr to Massachusetts to live with Rumple (left) who was adopted from NGPR in 2017.

His Adopter Says: Rumple is showing Herr the neighborhood. He has always stopped traffic but now the two of them are causing traffic jams!

Diana: (now Clover) Adopted 6/23/23

Her Story: She came out of a crowded Eastern, Tennessee shelter. in April. A prior NGPR foster was kind enough to take her and foster her until she was adopted by family with a kids, Red, a male Pyr and Peter, a friendly rabbit.

Her Adopter Says: Clover loves the kids and the rabbit and is great friends with her new brother Red!

Dolly : (Now Dolle), Adopted 6/19/23

Her Story: She was a stray who was found in the woods. A lady with four other dogs took her in, but her husband would not let her keep the dog, so she went to NGPR volunteer Nancy Eberlin who fostered her.

Her Adopter Says: Here’s Dolle posing for the camera. I’ve posted a lot of photos on our personal Facebook site already. I also posted this photo on our community’s Facebook site and introduced her. Wow! She received 64 likes and 34 comments! I also want to mention that Nancy Eberlin, Dolle’s Foster, was amazing and it was a delight to work with her! She made the entire process so smooth! Dolle is settling in nicely and is adjusting to her new routine. She has such a sweet disposition that people fall in love with her immediately! She does still have a mischievous side and has been testing us but we’re letting her know what our house rules are and she is improving every day! Thanks again for helping us adopt a Wonderful Pocket Pyrenees!!