Likes Save Lives

Social media is an essential part of any organization, and it is certainly a big part of rescue. But what exactly is its purpose, and how do each of the platforms differ? We’re here to explain! Let’s talk about the three major platforms we’re on, how they differ, and what content you might see on each, as we do post different content on each platform.

Facebook: Many of you are familiar with Facebook. Our Facebook page strives to keep you updated on all the latest rescue news, provide education about the breed, and promote our foster dogs that are available for adoption. And of course, to entertain you along the way! If you have adopted a Pyr from us, we love to do “Pupdates” and feature your special dog and adoption story. If you’re fostering, Facebook is a great opportunity for us to feature your dog. If you love the breed and love rescue, then Facebook is a great way to keep up with us. And there is a very easy way to help support rescue—Likes save Lives! Yes, it’s true. When you like, comment, or share a post on Facebook, the crazy algorithm that determines what shows up in people’s newsfeeds bumps up, which means more people will see the post. So that Pyr who has been waiting for a foster or forever home for far too long might just find their way to the perfect person’s newsfeed. Recently, I was reminded that I started volunteering with National Great Pyrenees Rescue because a friend of mine tagged me on one of NGPR’s posts. You never know when the post you share just might change a few lives!

Instagram: Like our Facebook page, our Instagram page loves to share “Pupdates” and promote foster dogs. Instagram is a great way to show off our creative side, so we love using videos and pictures to tell your adoption stories, show fun things about the breed, and highlight our foster dogs who are available for adoption. Much like Facebook, liking and commenting help a post reach more people, so it’s a quick and free way to help support rescue. Also, if you post your NGPR fosters or NGPR alumni on Instagram, make sure to tag us, we’d love to share your post on our stories!

TikTok: TikTok is our newest platform. If you’re not familiar with TikTok, it’s an all-video platform that features videos as short as 5 seconds, up to videos 10 minutes long. But the average video tends to be under 30 seconds, and most all are under a minute. This platform is a place where we can have a lot of fun! TikTok is a place for us to share fun (and funny) videos about our foster dogs, the breed, and our NGPR alums. Of course, there is the occasional heartwarming video as well.

If you’re not following us on social media, we hope you’ll check us out! You can click on the social media logo to go directly to our page and follow us. And if you have a foster dog or an NGPR alum, we’d love for you to share your pictures and videos with us! You can reach us through messaging us on social media or email us.

Thanks from the Social Media Team!