Ortho Alley Updates

We thank NGPR's members and donors to the Annual Appeal who helped fund the surgery for Marshmallow, Lila and Blake.  Hailey is a new case and donations for her surgery, estimated at $3,500, can be made here. 


Hailey is our newest dog in Ortho Alley.  She is a sweet girl who is only two and came out of a Tennessee shelter. She needs her cranial cruciate ligament repaired and a foster to take care of her while she recovers. If you can help Hailey while she recovers, let us know by sending us an email

Update 3/26/16:  Hailey has a foster to adopt her in NJ. We are pricing out surgeons in the area (expensive!!) and hope to have her surgery done soon.

Update 4/17/16:  Hailey has TPLO surgery scheduled in NJ the week of  4/24.  We are so excited for her.



Marshy (Marshmallow) is back at the University of Tennessee Veterinary (UTV) this week for some adjustments to the sugergy that was done there in January.  He will also be getting more water therapy to help him stretch his muscles and ultimately  put more weight on this right leg.  We are rooting for him and hope he makes good progress so we can move on to correcting the congenital issues in his left leg. 

Update 3/10/16:  Marshy went in for an re-exam of his right leg and the vets at UTV determined that he will require a cart for mobility.  He has had two surgeries on his right leg and they do not believe he is a good candidate for more.  Not ever to be discouraged, Marshy is the happiest dog with a cart that you will ever see.

Update 4/17/16: UVT has suggested a brace for Marshy's luxating patella which has been ordered in baby blue, his favorite color.  We will show pics of him wearing his fashionable brace as soon as it is in place. 


Lila is recovering at her foster home in Western New York after surgery on January on both rear legs. She had an FHO operation to fix the hip on her right side and her kneecap was moved back into place on her left side.  We knew she needed this surgery for several months but it was hard to find a foster home where she could rest quietly and heal. Her foster Mom, Ari, says "Lila is doing amazing. She has bounced back rather quickly to her energetic, happy self. It has not been easy keeping her calm. She wants to play, play, play. She has been 'pyr pawing' me all day…saying; 'Hey! Pet me now'." Lilia is only two and the new improved Lilia is available for adoption.  Read more about the remarkable, resilient Lila here.

Update 3/24/16:  Lila went in for a re-exam and unfortuately her left kneecap has slid out of place again.  The vets at Veterinary Specialists in Rochester have graciously agreed to redo Lila's left knee at-cost to rescue.  The good news is that her right hip is holding firm and Lila has an adopter willing to see her through her next surgery and therapy. 

Update 4/17/16:  Lila is heading back for corrective surgery the week of 4/24 to hold her roaming kneecap in place. Happy news!  Lila has an adoptive family to see her through her second recovery from surgery. 



Blake is another young dog, just around one year old, who needed orthopedic surgery this month. He was surrendered by a family who didn't understand Pyrs and didn't know that he was in constant pain. Blake has slipped kneecaps on both sides that need to be put back in place. The right side was just fixed and the left side will be corrected in about two months.  He's a very sweet boy who's going to be much happier after his fix.

Update 3/26/16:  Now that he feels better, Blake (right) is full of beans.  He LOVES toys and attention and food!  Life is good.  He always has a big smile and greets everyone with a hearty tail wag.  He is great with our two cats and backs off when they need to sleep on the dog bed!  He can't wait to play with our little Sato (a former street dog from Puerto Rico) who gets up on the couch so he can see eye-to-eye with Blake.  He is also happy to meet our neighbors when we take him for his short walks. Although it is bittersweet to take Blake back for surgery as he is finally feeling so well, we think it would be best to get it all behind him.  Blake is scheduled for his next surgery on April 2.  

Update 4/17: Blake came through his second surgery with flying colors.  His surrender to rescue has been a real life-changer for the best.