We try to limit our fundraising to a few times a year but neediest cases appear all the time. Frequently we are the "rescue of last resort" who will help a dog that other groups have passed by. NGPR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and your tax-deductible donation helps save our neediest cases, who can also be found here, here, here, here and here The dogs needing help never end and we will never stop helping them!

Many of our neediest cases are in temporary homes. Please consider helping a neediest case by fostering or consider adopting one of the dogs below. If you have a question, please contact us.

Jake (12/28/21)
In Need of Surgery


Jake is a sweet senior found with unimaginable ear infections that will require ear ablation surgeries in the new year. This poor boy is also dealing with an esophagus hole, partial facial paralysis, and is missing all of his front teeth. He goes to show how important it is to treat infections early, as they can have very serious after effects if they are allowed to escalate. His surgery will require about three months of recovery.

Despite his difficulties, Jake is a kind and friendly dog. He gets along great with dogs and humans alike and is ultimately looking for love, safety, and healing.


Llama (12/13/21)
Kindest Girl

Llama is 2-3 years old and was brought to the shelter as a stray and diagnosed with a transverse fracture of the distal ulna and radius. As you can see, the affected leg is swollen and she recently received surgery. Llama tested negative for heartworms, is good with other dogs and eager for affection. She loves to recieve pats and will even curl up with her head of your lap—what a sweetie!


Tonto (11/20/21)
Resilient Senior

Ten-year-old Tonto became urgent at the shelter in Kingsport TN as he couldn't walk well and had a terrible UTI. He has since been in a loving foster home and treated for his UTI as well as having a small growth removed from his shoulder area, entropian surgery, and neutering. Tonto has been healing well and keeps a sweet and friendly attutude despite his struggles. He is a good friend to other dogs and cats. We also love his beautiful and unique facial markings!


Peggy, Polly, Phyllis and Pete (11/21/21)
Adorable Siblings

White puppy wears a small purple sweater and looks at the camera Four white puppies sit on a blanket together. They have mange and their fur and skin are damaged.

Peggy, Polly, Phyllis, and Pete come to us from a shelter in Tennessee. They have scarcopic mange, also known as scabies, and clearly have skin and fur damage. They are also malnourished and may have rickets. After a wrong diagnosis, they were prescribed the wrong medicine and their condition became worse. Despite their challenges, they are taking well to their foster family and their condition is improving as they begin taking the correct medication. Please considering adopting one of these sweet babies!




Sully (11/05/21)
The Friendliest Boy

Sully the Great Pyrenees rescue dog is sitting on a wooden floor. He is suffering from visible wounds.This adorable Mississippi boy really needed our help. Sully was picked up on the streets completely emaciated, severely anemic and so loaded with parasites they nearly killed him. And he was suffering from sarcoptic mange.

We were able to get him right to the vet's office and it was touch and go for a couple of weeks but he really seems to have turned the corner now. The vet said if he didn't get dropped off right when he did he would have passed away as he was being eaten alive inside and out.
He was doing so poorly, he came very close to needing blood transfusions just to survive and he was put on a refeeding program where he had to eat five tiny meals a day. We are all so thankful he seems to be doing better now. We would like to fund raise for his care. If anybody would like to donate a bit to help him, that would be greatly appreciated. He is as sweet as can be, just the nicest friendliest boy. Sully is 10 months old and weighed just 34 lb when he came in, which is horrifying. We are so thankful he is feeling better now and cannot wait to see him find a great home of his own once he has completely recovered.



Chandler (9/15/21)
No One Cared


He was in a small county shelter, left for over a month, in a section the public was not allowed in. When he was finally brought to our attention and sprung, the true extent of his condition was revealed. Mentally he was in a bit of shock, but has a great spirit and has been a trooper. Not only was Chandler extremely emaciated and matted so badly one could not tell if he was a male, but had one of the worst ear conditions ever. More bacteria, blood, puss and gunk coming out than our vet had ever seen. It has been over a month and while his ear is improving, there is the possibility he has a tumor which will be discoverable with a biopsy. In spite of the pain Chandler must be in, he has the sweetest disposition, allowing the vet and his foster to do whatever is needed.



Gertie and Snoopy (7/10/21)
Gotta Get Groceries


We have two adorable dogs coming in from another tragic situation in Tennessee. Welcome to rescue, Gertie and Snoopy. Sadly the entire family of dogs was abandoned and left to starve to death. Snoopy's brother did starve to death and his sister collapsed from starvation and nearly died as well. Snoopy's mom was injured so she stayed behind at the vet's office along with his sister and they now have other rescues to go to. These two are very sweet and were so happy on their car ride! They are very thin and will need a lot of TLC and groceries but we are all so thankful they are safe now in rescue. They are currently in boarding and we will be looking for foster homes for them to go to, so please click our fostering link  to help.



Fiona (7/1/21)
No Way to Start a Life



This little girl is Fiona brand new to rescue from Alabama. Huge thank you to the kind folks at Metro Tuscaloosa for taking great care of her—and a huge thank you to our volunteers for transporting and fostering her. It is so heartbreaking to see three-month old puppies that look like this and have known nothing but suffering in their short lives. She had a horribly embedded collar, terrible skin infections and loaded with was parasites and maggots. We are all thankful now she is now safe with us in rescue.





Maggie (6/7/21)
Sweet, Suffering Senior

This sad Pyrenees girl was hanging out at at a Piggly Wiggly in Louisiana for several weeks. She had no where else to go and people were threatening to shoot her. Some very kind folks reached out on Facebook for help with her. Rescue volunteers were able to catch her and she was brought directly to a vet. Maggie has mange, is very thin and heartworm positive. Sadly, the mammary tumor which was removed when we had her spayed a couple of weeks later has come back positive for an aggressive cancer rarely seen in dogs. We don't know how much time she has left but we are hoping for her to have some months of peace and contentment. Thank you to everyone who cared and donated to her cause. 



Oliver (5/13/21)
Caught in a Trap

We were told that the three dogs, one female and two males, wandered up to a woman's house a year ago and she has been caring for them ever since. She can no longer afford to do so. Sad to say, the local Kentucky shelter was so full they couldn't take these dogs without euthanizing them. They asked NGPR's foster, Gloria, to help them and she did.

One of the dogs, Oliver, a young male had an injured rear paw, which was probably caught in a trap. The three dogs were vetted and Oliver's wound was examined and cleaned out.  Unfortunately after several bandage changes, the paw looked worse so we brought Oliver to MedVet for evaluation. Amputation of his rear left leg was recommended. Oliver has been moved to a foster home in Ohio and is recovering. He is doing well and we are happy to say our latest tripod should be available for adoption soon.

Oliver Update: Oliver was adopted by a family in Pennsylvania in early July.


Goliath (4/19/21)
Getting a Second Chance


Goliath came to us in terrible shape from Tennessee, starving with an embedded collar. After several week of trying, a rescue person was finally able to trap him. He is very thin, just 69 pounds or so, so thin it was possible to pick him up easily and carry him into the vet office. He is very gentle. He has been on his own for a year-and-a-half. Owner put a collar on him as a puppy and then died some time ago. All of the neighbors knew him and loved him as he came to play with their dogs. Some must have fed him occasionally-yet nobody did anything to help him. He is very sweet and he loves other dogs, and he's only about 2 years old.  He is not yet used to living indoors yet and currently on medical hold but he is doing great in boarding.




Johny (4/01/21)
The One and Only

Johny in New Jersey is seven months old and one of the sweetest and smartest little fellows his foster mama has come across in a while. He was born in rescue and has been raised in a home with his mama, other dogs and visiting children. Unfortunately he needs FHO (hip) surgery at a tender age. Johny sleeps in his crate all night and is quickly becoming house trained—he will make a mad dash for the door when he needs to go out. He loves his people and will bark if left alone but is learning it is okay. He has also learned to wear a harness and is getting used to a leash. Johny plays nicely with the adult dogs in his new foster home and loves to do normal puppy things. He is currently with a medical foster but we will be looking for an adopter for him post-surgery.

Johny Update: Johny was examined mid-June and his left hip is not suitable for TPO surgery. He is not recommended for FHO surgery either so supplements, regular exercise and keeping a good weight are advised.  Happily, he has adopter who is willing to take him "as is" and is fully committed to his care.


Blondie (3/15/21)
Ready for the Next Step

Blondie was found New Year's Eve on the side of the highway, hit by a car and gravely injured. Her pelvis was broken and she had other internal injuries. She had recently given birth to a litter of puppies that were never located. She has been treated for both pyometra and mastitis. Originally she was not expected to survive but she is doing very well and has gained a lot of weight. She does need FHO surgery, so we are looking for a medical foster who can take her in and get her through surgery.

Blondie Update: Blondie had surgery for her pelvic fracture but it not heal well. We are looking at places for her to go for FHO surgery now.  She also has severe muscle atrophy in her injured leg and will need some kind of therapy afterwards. It is now early July and we are getting a second opinion by the orthopedic specialists at MedVet.


Pretty Noelle (2/9/21)
Don't Worry, Baby

Noelle is a three-year-old female we were asked to take by a Tennessee shelter. We were told she had hip issues. She seemed very uncomfortable when she arrived at her foster home and was seen immediately for an exam and xrays. The diagnosis is bilateral cruciate tears in both her knees. She is being scheduled for a MedVet consult with Dr. Barnhart for possible TTA or TPLO surgery. In the meantime, she will have novox and gabapentin, and Dasequin to make her more comfortable. 

Noelle Update: Noelle had TPLO surgery on both knees on 3/27.  She had be be hospitalized a week later due to infection but has successfully combated that and now (we hope) well on the way to recovery.





Calcasieu Shelter Girl (2/7/21)
To Be Named  (Cassie)


We were contacted by a Louisiana shelter in mid-January about this girl. She came to them on Christmas Eve as a stray, so they couldn't provide any background history on her. She exhibited an orthopedic issue the shelter vet thought could be either her hip or pelvic. NGPR had her x-rayed and she will need an FHO (Femoral Hip Osteotomy) to repair her hip and regain normal mobility. She is about 1 year old and heartworm status is negative.

Cassie Update: A happy ending for Cassie! She was spayed, had her FHO sugery on 4/15 and was adopted by her foster family on 5/13. 





Pee Wee (2/4/21)
A Brave Boy


Meet Pee Wee, who came to us from an animal shelter in Michigan.

This sweet fellow has had a rough start in life. He is only around 3 years old and it appears he will need an FHO surgery on his hip due to a prior injury.

He also recently had a mass removed from his side but is recovering well.  He's in great hands with our foster Rebecca and we look forward to getting him through all his procedures and on to a great home.

Pee Wee Update:  A happy ending for Pee Wee. He was adopted by a couple in Ohio on 5/25.




Bubba (1/18/21)
Bubba's Bump

Bubba came to us in December from a kind woman in Alabama who took him in. She wrote: "About two months ago, my landlord came to me about a Great Pyrenees that had been hanging around his house. I have my own dogs and have vet tech experience. I found the dog under his porch almost dead. He was skin and bones, had an upper respiratory infection and a skin condition. He's only about 2 or 3 and not neutered. My landlord was going out of town so I took the dog to my place. I've treated his skin and respiratory infections. I haven't seen any posters or online listings of a missing dog in my area. Unfortunately we seem to be a local dog dumping spot on my road."

When he was brought to the vet to be neutered, the bump on his head seemed to be very prominent, although the vet seemed unconcerned. We moved him to a foster in Tennessee who brought him to another vet who thought the growth could be very invasive. She speculated that it could be a bone cyst due to a prior trauma in which case, it is benign. She advised that the only way to be sure is to have a biopsy, which in itself might be lethal. Bubba is going to Nashville Veterinary Specialists for additional testing to help us determine what can be done to help this sweet dog, who has already had such a hard life.

Bubba Update: Bubba was examined and had a CT scan. The doctor does not feel this is a malignancy, but a benign mass, most likely a cystic structure and if it grows, would grow outward. Bubba's condition will continue to be monitored. He was adopted by a family in Virginia on 6/28.