Neediest Cases 2016

We've gone out on a limb to care for our newest neediest cases. Your donation helps us continue our work. 

We have also completed several major orthopedic surgeries for dogs in 2016.  Visit our Ortho Alley page for updates on their condition.

Parvo Pups (3/21/16): Puppy season is here, and we have been asked to help many urgent babies this week. Sadly, whether they were dumped at shelters or come directly from a farm, all of these babies arrived in rescue sick with the parvo virus, which is easily preventable by vaccines. Here are four young babies picked up yesterday from different places in Kentucky, and all four are at vet offices and very sick with diarrhea and vomiting. They must be kept on IV fluids so their small bodies don't dehydrate as they are losing so much fluid. It’s so important to vaccinate your dogs and pups. None of them deserve to suffer like this and now rescue will spend $2-$3,000 trying to keep them alive. This does not need to happen.  Please keep them in your prayers and thoughts and consider donating to their care by clicking the Help button above.

Update 3/26: Pups are out of danger and out of the vet's office. We heard they were sad to see them all go because as they got better everyone was enjoying their puppy antics. 

Update 4/17:  Pups are doing well and headed to our virtual adoption floor. Now known as Christine, Lucia, Mateo and Nina these pups will be listed soon for adoption.


Hunter (2/15/16): This is one of those crazy Facebook stories.  A woman posted that a Pyr had been hanging around her house, she fed him and put a tag on him but made no effort to contain him. She said he disappeared for a week and just came back with an injured leg. Because she couldn't afford his care he was going to the shelter where he could be euthanized.  That's when we stepped in.  We got him evauated at a vet of ours who said that Hunter's compound fracture was at least a month old and that he had been injured for quite some time. Go figure! Hunter now has a pin in his leg and is convalescing with a caring foster in Kentucky. His vet care has cost us $1,000 as of 2/19.

Update 3/27:  Hunter is doing much better and posing for glamour shots.  He looks great and is feeling fine, although he needs more time to heal. Now that we know more about him we can say he perfect with cats and loves attention from people which he repays with kisses.  He is such a happy boy;  beautiful with a big bowling ball head and a shorter stocky body. Temperament-wise, this boy is perfect.

Update 4/17:  Hunter has several adoption applications and we are trying to choose the best one for him. 


Jonas (2/2/16): He's the survivor of a pair of Pyr mixes left to freeze outdoors in Nashville. He is doing so much better in his foster home last week. His foster Mom Diane says "Hello to regular meals and plenty of fresh water, other dogs to run and play with, gentle brushing, patient training, abundant love and affection, a roof over your head and many friendly, kind humans of all ages to meet and learn to trust. These are Jonah's before pictures. He weighed 50 pounds when we got him. A healthy normal weight for his height and length will be closer to 110-130 lbs. Although today I can see, feel and count every disc in his spine and all his ribs, he has already gained 10 lbs in the days before he got to me. This is what neglect looks like. This is where hope and recovery begin!" The rescue of this unfortunate Pyr mix in Nashville, TN made waves across the country. The other dog on the property froze to death and Jonas barely made it out alive. Jonas was seized by Nashville Metro Animal Care and Control, who asked NGPR to take him. Our Nashville Volunteer, Andee, spoke to the TV station WMSJ about our plans to rehabilitate Jonas.

Update 4/17/16:  Jonas may be a foster failure.  Foster Mom Diane has fallen in love and Jonas may never need to move again.


Sasha (1/25/16): Foster Mom Karen discovered a large hole (called an oronasal fistula) in the roof of Sasha’s mouth. She noticed the fissure (fistula) on the top of Sasha's palate when she rolled her on her back. It is a slot about a 1/2" long and 1/8" wide at the center. This may explain that why when she eats, she literally inhales the food bits up into her sinuses and snorts to clear them. This fits with some of the other symptoms she has exhibited - snorting and sneezing to clear her nose whenever she eats. This is serious condition and needs to be repaired. We received a quote of $2-3,000 but we were able to get her operated on by a reliable vet for 1/3 the original quote.

Update 3-22: Sasha was moved to a foster in NY late in February and we learned that she will need another surgery to close her the hole in her palate. We are told it is not unusual for it to take several surgeries to close a large hole in a cleft palate so we are currently getting quotes for a second surgery on April 1, expected to be in the $1500 range.

Update 4-19:  Sasha had her second surgery and is doing well. Even better, she also has an adoptive home to care for her as her recovery continues.



Emma (1/15/16): Gunshot victim. Her family abandoned their property in Kentucky over a year ago leaving her and several dogs there unfed, unattended and left to scavenge for food. Nobody noticed her until a local woman who was feeding them saw her injury. She also realized that Emma had puppies and went searching for them. They were found underneath an abandoned house and rescued. Emma has two gunshot wounds to her back which were badly infected and now healing. Poor girl is also heartworm positive.

3/22:  Good news about Emma.  Her adoptive family in Nova Scotia has updated us that Emma is doing well. She takes daily walks and goes as far and as fast as she is comfortable going. She is making a good adjustment to her new home and getting along with her other rescue siblings. 



Jeff (1/11/16): There has been in vast improvement in Jeff over the past few weeks and notice was taken of Jeff's considerable improvement.  He is one of the Morrow County, OH Seven farm dogs who were starved, unsocialized and badly afflicted with mange. Several rescues participated in taking dogs from the owner's voluntary surrender. Here's the latest video of Jeff.

The Humane Agent of Morrow County saw a video of Jeff and commented. "There are certain cases you deal with that really tear at your heart. It's hard to explain, but even though each and every case is important, there are some that just tug at you a bit more than others. The Pyrenees case was one of those. Not just because of the condition of the dogs but also because of the family. Without going into too much detail, you not only feel for the animals, you do feel for the family. It's unavoidable in some cases. What everyone sees after a rescue is not always the whole story and those other unseen elements is what makes certain cases harder than others.

"The day I first saw the dogs in this case, my heart broke for them. Especially Jethro, he is a special boy and it warms my heart to see him doing so well. All of them really. Jeff, the one seen in this video shared with me today from NGPR, was the stinker. He wanted no part of any of us that were there that day to pull the dogs. He was scared, confused and what he didn't know at the time was that we were there to help, not harm. This video brings tears to my eyes for reasons I cannot explain. For now his new life truly begins, with a simple car ride, a soft hand on his shoulder and a view of what his world is going to be from here on out. A world of hope, love and new experiences. I could not be happier to see all of them doing so well.

"Enjoy this video of Jeff today and thank you Steve of NGPR for your time and dedication to this special boy. Unless you were there the day of this rescue, it's hard to understand how huge this car ride is for this dog. The courage and trust that he has displayed today is beyond words."

Update 4/17:  Jeff went to his adoptive home today with an experienced Pyr owner in Ohio who had adopted from an NGPR affiliated rescue before.  We hear Jeff is doing great and look forward to more updates as he adjusts to his new home.


Seneca (12/29/15):  He was going to be put down by a Kentucky shelter because his issues were so severe. The vets think he was hit by a car several months ago. He is only 18 months to 2 years old. The femur was broken out of the hip socket of one leg  and through not using it, the muscles atrophied and the other leg took all the weight. That leg also has a broken bone now and a torn Achilles tendon which is why he walks on that ankle. He only weighed 38 lbs when he was rescued and should weigh 70-75 lbs. Not a big pyr but appears to be purebred. All of the tendons in both legs are atrophied. His left leg was amputated last week and time will tell whether therapy will strengthen his right leg or whether a wheelchair is in his future. We have good news for Seneca.  He has a sponsor to cover his medical costs and a sanctuary in Illinois has expressed interest in taking him. 

3-18-16: Seneca was transferred to  the University of Wisconsin Medical Center on 3-14 under the care of the Happy Tails Sanctuary. He unfortuately developed pneumonia and with other complications due to a possible abdominal obstruction and his many orthopedic issues, he was euthanized on 3-18. He came from a horrendous situation and the months he spent in rescue with a loving foster were the best days of his life. We thank everyone who donated to his care. 






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