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Questions? Call our Foster Hotline 877-574-0056 Toll Free

Volunteers with a Mission

Work with a caring, dedicated group of volunteers who are postively impacting the rescue and placement of Great Pyrenees dogs and Pyr mixes across the county.  National Great Pyrenees Rescue needs volunteers for the national rescue effort and encourages volunteers to help with Pyr rescue efforts around the country.

Volunteer Help Wanted

Please fill out the online volunteer application.  If you have already completed a volunteer form, then please email us to let us know of your interest. Please put the title of the position in the subject of your email. Thanks!

 Fostering is the most critical need for all rescue groups. Our foster homes are an integral part of the adoption process, giving dogs loving temporary homes until a suitable forever home can be found. Spending time in a foster home will provide a smooth transition for a dog into their "forever home". While the dog is with you, your input will help rescue volunteers find the best possible family match for the dog. Please read our Fostering FAQ

Please complete our online volunteer application so we can contact you. Completion of the application form and process is required of all new fosters. If you are an approved adopter from NGPR or one of our affiliated rescues, please include the name of the group  and dog on the volunteer application so we can expedite processing your application.

NGPR provides our fosters with flea/tick and heartworm medication every month. We will cover all approved drugs and medical expeditures.  If you foster two or more dogs, we provide food. We will do our best to find  the right dog for your situation with regard to kids, cats and other dogs.  If the dog is not a good match, we will move the dog to another foster home.

Some of the dogs who need immediate foster homes are  listed daily on Facebook, so check in there for the latest dogs we are trying to help.


Other Available Positions

Membership Coordinator

Manage annual membership campaign to acquire and retain membership support for NGPR. Write copy for soliciation emails, come up with ideas for membership premiums to incent memberships, thank members and fulfill items, maintain correspondence with members and write bi-monthly email update to members 6X a year.

Skills:  Good organizational skills, user of word and excel software and email marketing programs such as Constant Contact, ability to resize and upload photos, access to e-mail several times a day. Ability to learn how to access online data base.   

Availability: Can be done during the day or evenings.

Tools:  Word docs and Excel spreadsheets, Mail Chimp email marketing program, Photoshop Elements or other graphics-editing program.

Estimated Time:  Flexible for most of the year, but intense and up to 10 hours weekly leading up to and during 6-week duration of membership campagin in May-June. 


Applications Coordinator

Review applications for rescue dogs, respond to applicants and conduct phone interviews with them, do vet checks, set up home visit, recommend appropriate dogs to families from listings of available dogs, coordinate travel arrangements, follow through on adoption contracts and placements of dogs. 

Skills:  Good organizational skills and telephone skills, access to e-mail several times a day.  Ability to access online data base.  Should be familiar with the breed.   

Availability: Can be done during the day or evenings.

Tools:  Applications list, adopter list, volunteer list and online dog listings. 

Estimated Time:  Flexible, 4+ hours weekly.

Shelter Intake Coordinator

Call and e-mail shelters where Pyrs needing rescue are located, alert closest rescue volunteers, fax or e-mail forms, arrange for fostering, boarding, transport or medical.    Work with web coordinator to get dogs posted online. 

Skills: Good organizational and telephone skills, medical knowledge about care for dogs,  good judgment about what is possible and not possible, access to e-mail several times a day. Ability to use Excel and Word documents. 

Availability:  Must be available for some time during day.

Tools:  Pull guidelines, rescue contacts list, 501-c-3 form.

Estimated Time:  As much as you can give.


Listing Coordinator

Gather  digital photographs and information about dogs so web coordinator can post them online.   Work with shelters and fosters to get accurate assessments about dogs. 

Skills:  Ability to download, crop and resize digital photographs.  Must have access to software for photo editing (Photoshop, Gimp, Photoshop Elements). Ability to  write up compelling stories about rescue dogs, submit  them with photographs to web coordinator.  Access to computer and e-mail  required.

Availability: Can be done on weekends or evenings.

Tools:  “Dogs Needing Foster” list.

Estimated Time:  Two-three hours a week.


Other  Ways to Help

Volunteers are  needed for many different jobs. There are lots of ways to help.

Home Visits: Meet with families interested in adopting a dog. A visit is scheduled when all household members (including pets) are home, usually on a weekend but sometimes on an evening during the week.

Dog Assessment: Volunteer to evaluate rescue dogs in your area. When an owner is interested in surrendering their dog or a dog is at a shelter, someone needs to evaluate the dog. The evaluation determines whether the dog is a Great Pyrenees or Pyr mix, their temperament and whether this dog is placeable. You can always consult with other rescue volunteers if you need help.

Transport: Drive a rescue dog within a 1-3 hour radius of your home. Transportation is usually in close proximity to you, and you can let us know how many miles you might be willing to drive. The entire route is mapped out by the location and time available of the individual volunteers in that area.

Donate a Product or Service: Do you have a skill that could help rescue or a service you can donate? Please tell us about it!

Please fill out the Volunteer Application Form. And thanks for helping rescue.