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Questions? Call our Foster Hotline 877-574-0056 Toll Free

Volunteers with a Mission

Work with a caring, dedicated group of volunteers who are positively impacting the rescue and placement of Great Pyrenees dogs and Pyr mixes across the county. National Great Pyrenees Rescue needs volunteers for the national rescue effort and encourages volunteers to help with Pyr rescue efforts around the country.

Volunteer Help Wanted

Please fill out the online volunteer application. If you have already completed a volunteer form, then please email us to let us know of your interest. Please put the title of the position in the subject of your email. Thanks!

Fostering is the most critical need for all rescue groups. Our foster homes are an integral part of the adoption process, giving dogs loving temporary homes until a suitable forever home can be found. Spending time in a foster home will provide a smooth transition for a dog into their "forever home". While the dog is with you, your input will help rescue volunteers find the best possible family match for the dog.

Please complete our online volunteer application so we can contact you. Completion of the application form and process is required of all new fosters. If you are an approved adopter from NGPR or one of our affiliated rescues, please include the name of the group and dog on the volunteer application so we can expedite processing your application.

In addition to fostering, there are many other ways you can help National Pyr Rescue. Perhaps you're just the right person to fill one of our available volunteer positions!


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