Wiley is a Wonderful Dog

Love Letters to Rescue

Wiley came into rescue from a Kentucky kill shelter in late April. NGPR boarded him until a foster could take him in July. We're glad we saved Wiley and made the investment in boarding him until he could be fostered and then adopted by the pyrfect home. 

Our hearts were broken when we had to say our final goodbyes to our 11-year-old Pyr, Mason. Coming home day after day to an empty home just magnified the hole he left in our lives and our hearts. We finally decided to look for a new companion but we couldn't agree to start over with a new small puppy. It seemed to make sense for us to look into rescue but we did have some reservations. Did we have enough experience to work with a rescue and the ability to help a dog adjust to a new life while dealing with the unknown issues of his past? We've met the most wonderful and passionate people on our quest to find Wiley. They truly are selfless people who work tirelessly to save and help find homes for the dogs in need. We started with the rescue site and there he was, he looked so sad. Karen visited us to make sure we were able to accommodate a large dog and to see if we were right for a rescue dog. I was grateful they cared enough to be sure we knew what we were doing before going forward with meeting the rescue dogs available for adoption. They are judging us. Good. That makes us better. She is always a source of help and ready to answer any questions or concerns.

Wiley Relaxing at Home

Wiley's foster was Marie. She gave us lots of time to visit and answered many, many questions. She is wise and helps us with our own reservations and lack of experience with a rescue Pyr. We brought Wiley home not knowing what to expect from him in his new environment but he seems like he has accepted us and his new home really well. We had a visit from Joy, who helped with questions and made me feel better about how to securely house him when we had to leave him alone. We don't know how we ever got along without Wiley. He is trying really hard to learn how to live with us. He is even trying to walk on a lead so he can venture out of his fenced yard and explore with us. He loves to ride in the car and he goes where we go when we are able to take him to destinations like the pet store or a family member's home. He does love to run! He seems to be grateful to have a place to run and jump through tall grasses and at the bushes to watch the birds scatter. He is a joy to us and we are grateful for all the wonderful help we received in finding Wiley.

Becky and Ced
Louisville, KY