What We’ve Been Doing

Can you help?  Covid-19 is affecting everything we do—sheltering animals, transport and adoptions. Would you like to volunteer? This page explains about the type of help we need. To expedite the approval process, NGPR is now doing virtual home visits via smartphone and approval should come within a few days. If you completed a volunteer form before and were approved, then please email us to let us know of your current interest.

When the full brunt of the Covid-19 virus struck in March we knew we had to adjust. All the things we normally did were colored by a new abnormal tinge. We went from worrying in the early days that no one would adopt to finding that almost everyone who didn't have a pet now wanted to foster or adopt. No one wanted to be home alone! We learned quickly that the old ways of doing things didn't work. The mandatory home visit became a virtual home visit, now done on FaceTime or Facebook Messenger. Uploading numerous yard photos became a critical part of the adoption process. And we needed (and still do need) more Pyr-savvy adoption coordinators to help with the number of applications coming in. We found that we were able to take twice as many owner surrenders as last year and overall adoptions have increased significantly, too. We’ve been very busy during this time as we learn to adjust to the new normal. We asked our volunteers what their experience has been and this is what they told us.

We Worked From Home


Julia Cameron Petrohilos (Ohio Adopter/Foster/Kennel Volunteer): Our foster fail Josie helping me work from home!







Amy Petz Hiday (Ohio Adopter/Foster): Mike is working from home and had to block the whole area with chairs because Kona needs to help. She found if she stands on 2 legs she gets closer.







Florence Beach (New York Adopter/Foster): Chloe prefers to work from the front deck doing what she does best….










Shawn Courtney-Graham (West Virginia Adopter/Foster/Adoption Coordinator): I've been working hard at helping applicants find (what I like to call) their "unicorn" dogs… but these goofballs can be a bit distracting!










Michelle Papa Dines (New York Adopter/Facebook Moderator): Sonny helping me work from home. He thinks my job is boring!







Lorrie Moore (New Hampshire Adopter & Adoption Coordinator): Here's Piper (formerly Jill), who spent quarantine aggressively snuggling me as I tried to work my apps. Then she finally got her brother, Trouble, also from NGPR!









Zita Duffy (Ohio Foster Coordinator/Foster/Adopter): Zita has been working adoption apps, surrender apps, foster apps. Plus doing what she loves best here, loving on her pup!














Susan Brennan (Ohio Adopter/Foster/Volunteer, Owner of Lucky Mutz): Willy is my main helper! He’s very uncertain about this bizarre thang on mom’s face!






We Went to New York City




Kat Wiesenhahn (Alabama Adopter/Twitter Volunteer): I spent a month in NYC as a COVID-19 crisis nurse. I have three pups at home, one of whom was a foster fail from NGPR. I spent my little time off FaceTiming with them and checking on them with my SimpliSafe app. Lol, needless to say I missed them.









We Had Puppies


Elizabeth Liz Lacoponi DiFrancisco (Virgina Adopter/Foster): We welcomed Wanda and the Big 10 litter into the world on March 18th, 2020. Sadly, they all went to new homes in June and our house became so quiet! Such a wonderful distraction during this stay-at-home time. Almost ready for the next litter.






Denise Huntsman (NGPR Secretary/Kentucky Foster Coordinator): One of the many things I've done during Covid-19 was helping this beautiful girl CeCe give birth to 8 babies in late April. They then moved to Kentucky foster Karen Klotter Lozano and her sons, who took amazing care of them before they were adopted in June!





We Transported Dogs


Jim Davilla (Mississippi Transport Volunteer/Foster): Jim has been spending a lot of time this spring picking up strays and shelter dogs and bringing them to safety.  He is shown here with Thor, who is now being fostered in New Jersey.







Jennifer Davis (Ohio Adopter/Foster): Jennifer fostered and help transport Bea, who was adopted to a family with four kids in Michigan.











Ray Sherman (Ohio Adopter/Foster/Transporter): Ray's been moving dogs all over the place this spring. He's made frequent trips to the Northeast, the South and points in-between. 








Best of All, We Had More Time to Hang Out with Those We Love Most






Connie Miller (Ohio Adopter/Kennel Volunteer): I post every night on NGPR's Foster Family Facebook page how I spend my nights during the quarantine.










Kristen Howard (Ohio Adopter): Molly and I have been enjoying the outdoors whenever we can.












Rita Taulbee (Kentucky Foster/Adopter): Cotton always stands patiently at the kitchen table, politely waiting because she knows we always save her the last bite of our dinner.