Westminster Week in Rescue

What a week it was! Pyrs in need everywhere from Boston to Utah. These are just some of the dogs who appeared over the last seven days on Facebook; there were an additional 15 dogs NGPR was asked to take by their owners via email or submitted surrender forms. Everything might seem well if the AKC is your gauge of the state of the dog world but that's as close as Fifth Avenue is to Main Street.  The reality is much uglier. Westminster is the American Kennel Club's cadillac of dog shows. The AKC's record of opposing puppy mills and other animal abuse is notable. The AKC has opposed almost 250 laws to protect animals in puppy mills, prevent the sexual abuse of animals and make it easier to rescue dogs from hot cars.  Some of the dogs you see below will be rescued; some will get back to their owners only to escape again. The cycle continues and rescues struggle against the tide. The glamorous impression left by dog shows is only part of the problem.  If you can foster a dog, it will save a life. Please visit nationalpyr.org/fostering to learn more.

The Real World of Rescue