Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week is April 17-23. Join us in saying thank you to all our great volunteers for all the things they do. To volunteer with NGPR, please go to our nationalpyr.org/become-a-volunteer page.

Foster Volunteers

Without Foster Moms and Foster Dads there would be no rescue. Fosters take unknown dogs into their homes, teach them the basics of living in a home, socialize them and prepare them for their furever families. They make sure dogs are properly vetted, take photos and submit Foster Q&A forms telling us about the dog’s personality. Fosters also interview adopters, travel to pick their dogs up and go meet their new families. The life of an NGPR foster is a busy one but foster smiles tell us how rewarding it is. We think out fosters are the best and we want them to know that.

Administrative Volunteers

There are many “behind the scenes” volunteers who help keep things rolling along for all the dogs in rescue. Some administrative volunteers mail out medications and microchips for the dogs; others enter the information into the database for each dog. The medical team volunteers speak to vets to make sure dogs who need extra care get it. They track our heartworm positive dogs, along with counseling fosters and adopters on treatment options. There are several volunteers making sure the dogs are in the database with all the intake and vetting info. When dogs are ready to be listed, volunteers write up bios and create the public listing for Petfinder and other sites with pictures, making sure things look “pyrfect” for potential adopters. There is a lot to be done and these volunteers work diligently. We are so appreciative for their dedication to getting it done for the dogs.

Transport Volunteers

Dogs in cars with people is what volunteer transport is all about. There are several pieces. There’s the interactive NGPR Transport and Contacts Map which shows volunteer and adopter locations. Gillian Clark and Ron Ritter put a huge effort into contacting people and organizing the volunteer transports from Michigan to Florida. (They’re very busy and could use another transport coordinator, so let Susan DeBili Botte know if you’re interested. We truly appreciate the time and work of everyone who volunteers with transport to get the dogs where they need to go!

Adoption Coordinators

It takes a village and our adoption coordinators are the ones who make ADOPTIONS happen. They are a core group of experienced volunteers who work tirelessly with adopters to ensure they are “PYR worthy” and then match them with their new family member. Before applications can be assigned they must first be reviewed (no small feat). A special thank you the volunteers who review and assign apps, then work with our coordinators throughout the entire process to answer questions and offer advice. Recently a call went out for more people to do adoptions—we held three training sessions and are gearing up for a 4th … stay tuned. Contact Susan DeBili Botte if you’d like to work with potential adopters.

Social Media Team

We can’t forget about the people who run our social media accounts. These are the people behind the scenes who make sure your newsfeed has all the latest and greatest rescue news. They do their best to stay up on the latest hashtag trends, Facebook algorithms, and are always on the lookout for cute pictures and videos of adopted Pyrs. Social Media is an essential part of any organization and our team id dedicated to keeping rescue Pyrs in the spotlight and educating the public about the breed. Please let Sharon know if you can help with social media.

If you can help with any of these jobs, let us know.