Things Change

NGPR is happy to announce that we are hiring a paid Operations Manager. We are looking for someone who cares about rescue and can devote themselves full time to help grow the organization. If you're interested, we'd like to hear from you by this Friday, August 23. You can read the full job posting by clicking on this link. 

Fall is the busiest time of the year for adoptions. We need volunteers to help with placing dogs in their forever homes. Adoption Coordinators are an invaluable part of rescue. If you have four hours a week and like talking to people, click here to learn more about what adoption coordinators do.   

We're also focusing on how to make the adoption process more applicant-friendly. The purpose of the application process is to find the best match possible for the dogs we have in our care. (And right now we have a lot of dogs.) We want to educate people about the breed and find good homes where our dogs will be safe and happy. It's always an added plus if our adopters let their friends know they had a good adoption experience.

The roots of our adoption application date back to the early 2000s and follow the standard wording used by other Pyr rescue groups. We had lots of "requirements" and "do not apply if …" rules that encouraged a one-size fits all approach to adopting. Since the time those adoption rules were written the breed has become more popular and rescue adoptions more common. There's growing interest in the breed and the need to educate rather than alienate people who are interested in them.

We're learning to ask better questions on our application, revise the question style to create more open-ended discussions and encourage better relationships so we become a resource for our adopters. We know this can be a challenging breed and everyone should be aware of that. Whatever their decision, we'd like more people to learn about Pyrs and make their contact with rescue a positive one.