Surrender Information Request

Surrender Form

This form is a request for information about your dog, not a transfer of ownership. Please note if you only have a couple of days or weeks to re-home your dog, it will be difficult for us to accommodate your surrender request. We rely on a fostering network to care for our dogs and once a dog has been accepted into the program, it can take a few weeks to find proper placement within our network.

Please note that rescues are extremely busy and that owner surrenders turned into shelters can be euthanized immediately for lack of space. Shelters are only required to hold strays.  Please consider options other than shelters when surrendering your dog.

Priority is given to dogs who have been placed by NGPR unless you have been invited to submit a surrender form by one of our volunteers. Otherwise please refer to the state contacts list for the Pyr rescue nearest you or visit for other rescues in your area. NGPR primarily facilitates rehoming dogs in states east of the Mississippi River. If you are located west of the Mississippi, please consult our state contacts list and directly contact the organization listed for your state or a state near you.

Due to the number of inquiries we receive, we are currently focusing on helping dogs who are clearly identifiable as Great Pyrenees. A photo of a Great Pyrenees dog is featured at the left for those who are not familiar with the breed. A photo of two puppies is featured below.

Adults usually weigh around 100 lbs and purebred Pyrs have double dew claws on the inside of both rear legs. The less your dog looks like a Great Pyrenees dog, the less likely it is that we will be able to help with the rehoming of your dog. For dogs who do not resemble these photos, please consult an all-breed rescue in your area by searching here or visit this page for ideas on how to re-home your dog yourself.

If you are rehoming your dog due to behavioral issues, please consult NGPR’s list of Great Pyrenees Rescue contacts, call our 800 number, 877-372-3273 or email

We need to locate appropriate foster homes for dogs who need to be moved and it may take weeks to identify a foster home for your dog to go to.

Please click here to access the surrender form for Great Pyrenees dogs. Please have several high quality photos of your dog ready to submit with your surrender form. Submissions without good photographs are incomplete and will not be considered.