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The Iowa Four, who are Ivy, Olive, Wendy and Ava (left), were part of a group of 18 adult Great Pyrenees surrendered in early July by a commercial breeder who could no longer care for the dogs. The young adult Pyrs, 10 females and 8 males, were in a flooded building and covered head to toe in mud, poop and pee. They were bred to be livestock guardians and lived their entire lives to that point in a pen, receiving only food and water daily. They had no names, were never on a leash, never in a house, were fearful of human touch and posed a definite flight risk should they ever get loose.

They were rescued by Paws N' Claws, a southeast Iowa rescue, who moved them, provided temporary housing and turned to Pyr rescue to  get the dogs out of Iowa to places where they could be rehabilitated and rehomed. NGPR was one of several Pyr rescues who responded to the call to rescue them in late July. Now the Iowa girls have joined the other dogs being housed at our New Beginnings Kennel in Springfield, OH.

Ivy had pneumonia, Wendy had a urinary track infection and Olive had a campylobacter infection.  All these dogs are shy and need encouragement from our regular volunteers, who interact with them daily. They are not nearly ready for fostering or adoption yet but if you are interested in helping one of these girls down the road, please email Steve.

Like other rescues this time of year, we are maxed out. We are dealing with many Pyrs abandoned to kill shelters in the South who will die without rescue. Requests from owners who can no longer keep their dogs are pouring in; we are receiving 20 or more every week. We are seeing more hoarding situations from out-of-control breeders that put additional pressure on rescue. We try to evaluate every situation carefully so we can help as many dogs as possible. We house dogs at our Springfield kennel, the Brennan's (below) have taken some of the overflow in their kennel next door and our boarding costs to provide additional housing in busy states like Tennessee have doubled this year. We desperately need more foster homes to take the ever-increasing number of Pyrs needing rescue.  Please consider fostering to save a life. 

Our other big Springfield news is that the boarding kennel NGPR leases our building from is under new ownership. It is now called Lucky Mutz Pet Resort and has been owned since May by Susan and Terry Brennan (right), shown with their dogs Simon and Willy. The Brennans have been very kind and accomodating to us and all our dogs. Lucky Mutz has made many improvements, including air conditioning, so all the dogs they board at their facility will be more comfortable. In addition to boarding they offer daycare and grooming. Please give them a call at (937) 325-3273 if you need boarding, day care or grooming in the Springfield area.

Lucky Mutz will also be co-hosting an anniversity celebration with NGPR, celebrating twelve years of saving more Pyrs. The New Beginnings Bash will be on Saturday, October 13 from 10-2 pm at 3945 E. National Rd., Springfield, OH. There wlll be raffles, education booths, an artist, a photographer, food, drinks, vendors, grooming demos and lots of fun! Also, we will be doing our Saturday “live” broadcast from the event! If you feel like you know everyone but haven’t actually met them, now you can! Meet the famous dogs that are in The Bedtime Adventures! Stay tuned for more information about this event in September.

If you are going to be in Ohio, please consider coming by to visit the dogs. The adoption fee for dogs picked up at the kennel is $300. Approved adopters can meet the dogs, save the $175 transport fee or put it towards a hotel and gas. If you can't drive, transport is available. All the dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and tested for heartworm.

Fill out the adoption application at www.nationalpyr.org/adoption-form or email us and let us know who you are interested in! Everyone at the kennel is very friendly and helpful. Volunteers do the dog walking, feeding, watering, leash training and help with socializing the dogs. Our volunteers will make your day visiting the kennel worth the trip.

You can visit www.nationalpyr.org/adoptable-dogs to see the pooch profiles for all our dogs.  Here are two of the dogs currently at the Springfield kennel looking for their furever homes.







Devon is an affectionate and handsome boy who knows how to sit and wait for his treats. His pooch profile is a good start to telling you all about him.








This handsome boy is Charlie. He is only 2 years old and could use a foster or furever home.  Visit his pooch profile to learn all about him.






 Visit www.nationalpyr.org/adoptable-dogs to see the pooch profiles for all our dogs and look for dogs with a Springfield, Ohio location.

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