Senior Safety Net

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Sunshine in Ohio
She's an Angel

Sunshine was an owner surrender from Ohio who is aged at 7+. She came into rescue at the end of Novmeber. Her foster Mom, Cindy, says she's super sweet. Sunny disposition, anxious to please, loves to be petted. Good with my other dogs and ignored the cat at the vet's office.

Sunshine has a great smile, no dental issues and she's heartworm negative. She has some arthritis in her hips but that doesn't stop her. She still runs and plays.

Her back half was heavily clipped prior to rescue but when her coat grows back, it will be beautiful. Her eyes are stunning.

She has no behavioral issues, she's just a sunny honey of a Pyr. When Sunshine is spayed she will have a mamory tumor removed. We are waiting for the biopsy results.


Grayson in New York
What a Great Guy


Grayson came out of a Kentucky shelter in the summer.  We think he is about seven. 

He's an easy keeper with a shorter coat and a happy-go-lucky personality. He doesn't appear to have any health issues and he gets along with everyone. 

He didn't get to play much before he came to rescue but now that he's learning, he's having a great time.








Swiss Miss in Kansas
So Sweet

Swiss Miss was thought to be a senior when she arrived at the Kansas City shelter early in December but she may be younger. She's been in rescue for one week and the longer we have her, the younger she seems. 

She's walking better as she  gains strength,  she's eating well and her sweet Pyr personality is shining through. 

Swiss Miss is shown at the vet before getting the first of a series of laser treatments that will help with her mobility. Her future is much brighter now that she's hitched her star to rescue.



Gabby in Tennessee
Energy to Burn



Not a senior—but she's deaf. A lady called NGPR wanting to lighten her dog load. She has 17 dogs. She told us lives on a mountain and folks come up by her house to drop them off.

Because of this, her original owner didn't have use for her and was going to put her down. This kind lady took her instead. Gabby is a bit shy, housebroken, friendly with children and people, and responds to hand signals. She loves her toys and loves to play.



Buddy in Michigan



Buddy came into rescue this summer. He's an owner surrender from a farm that had cattle.  When the cattle went away, Buddy had to go away, too.
He's a nice boy who's learning how to spend time with people now. He's got his house manners down pat, and is enjoying his retirement. Buddy would make a good companion for someone who can spend time with him.