Adding AI to Rescue

by Bret Schwinge

My introduction to AI came on a Sunday night while watching 60 Minutes. That particular show had a piece on AI and the battle for AI supremacy between Google and Bing. Bing?….that search engine is dead; Google had overtaken it a long time ago. But apparently Bing was ahead in the AI race and would soon be on a par with Google. Wow!!…That means this technology will be groundbreaking.

What You See

Fast forward a few months and the chat on various shows was about Chat GPT and how it was making life easier for some writers on those shows. How could I incorporate this into my life? I don’t write much, it’s really not used much in my line of work. But what about the passions in my life, the things that matter to me, like dog rescue, specifically the Great Pyrenees?

For me images are very important. “A picture is worth a thousand words” is so true. As humans we respond to illustrations more passionately than the written word, for the most part. If you want to grab someone’s attention, get a great picture.

Enter Bing Image Creator

I decided to take Bing for a spin. I’m going to type in the most ridiculous description of the Great Pyrenees that I can think of. I want it to be funny, eye-catching and interesting. I hit “create” and four images come out of a Great Pyrenees riding a motorcycle wearing a leather jacket. But something is missing. I add sunglasses and a background and my masterpiece is done. Now I see the potential. Not only does this save me time not having to look for a specific image for a project, the sky’s the limit as far as ridiculousness. I can create images related to current events and even TV shows. (Do consider copyright issues, though.) The ability to convey messages about the breed, about rescue and dogs in need expands exponentially.

Rescue becomes more effective in reaching potential adopters, fosters and volunteers through images conveying humor, compassion and empathy. (See more AI images here.)

Just Do It

When you go to the Bing Search Engine you will see apps in the lower right hand corner. Look there and you will find a bunch of apps including Bing Image Creator. When you go there you can either type the image you want to create or speak it into the microphone. Be as descriptive and clear as you can be. Then click on “create” and the app usually creates four images for you to choose from.

If you don’t like any of those images you can hit “create’”again and four new images will be produced. It may even ask you to add something. Or, by changing your description and hitting create again it will give you four new images. Why not try it? It really is fun and simple to do.

Bret Schwinge is an NGPR adopter and volunteer who helps transport Pyrs for rescue. He lives in New Jersey.