Puppy Pandemonium

Litters of puppies usually start showing up in rescue in February but not this year. 2021 was a quiet year for puppies until May. Then all of a sudden we were inundated with pups. Sweet April was found wandering around in northern Mississippi (in April, of course) and no one had a clue she was pregnant until mid-May. She was blessed with a surprise litter the night before she was to leave on transport. Happily, we were able to move April and her six pups to our foster in metro Washington D.C. The "Memphis Jazz Kids" (right) will be eight weeks old at the end of July. It's time to move Cash, Ella, Elvis, Franki, Holi and Louis out in pairs to foster homes so they can be adopted at the end of August, as NGPR does not release puppies until they are well-socialized at 12 weeks old.

The three "Things" were named by a northern Alabama shelter which was desperate to move them. They needed space in the shelter and worried that the pups could contract a deadly disease.  Luckily, a Birmingham-area foster agreed to take them and hold them until we could find them their forever homes. At 16 weeks old, Maia (left), Tayla and their brother Ronin are ready to be adopted start their new lives.

The "H" litter is 11 weeks old and came to us from Missouri. Of these six pups, four—Hector, Homer, Henrietta and Hettie, located in Michigan, still need forever homes. Mama Hera is a Great Pyrenees mix who came to rescue with her six babies. With those blue eyes, Daddy is suspected to be a husky.   

Diesel, an older pup at five months old, currently in Alabama, will be moving to a New Jersey foster this month.

The "Bee Hive" litter in Tennessee has nine adorable pups now eight weeks old. Lucy, the Mom, got out of the shelter the day she gave birth. She is the Mom of Andrena (right) , Bumble, Honey, Madhakur, Mason, Meli, Pollen and Scout. Soon it will be time to move these pups out in pairs to fosters or singly to adoptive homes. (NGPR does not adopt out littermates together.)

Our newest pups are just a week old. Fiona is the Mom to three males, Finn, Fergus and Frazier, who appear to be purebred Pyrs.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting puppies, we require someone be home most of the day and that puppies not be left alone for more than four hours a day. There should be at least one friendly adult dog to interact with the pups. You should be willing to crate train the pups and have access to X-pens, small bowls and other puppy paraphernalia.

If you are an approved foster, please contact us at info@nationalpyr.org. To read about fostering and fill out an application, please go to nationalpyr.org/fostering and fill out a volunteer form. Potential adopters can complete an adoption application at nationalpyr.org/adoption-form.