Neediest Cases—2022

We try to limit our fundraising to a few times a year but neediest cases appear all the time. Frequently we are the “rescue of last resort” who will help a dog that other groups have passed by. NGPR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and your tax-deductible donation helps save our neediest cases, who can also be found on these pages: 202120202019, 2018, 2017 and 2016.  The dogs needing help never end and we will never stop helping them!

Now through Dec. 31 our Annual Pyr Appeal doubles donations made to rescue. Please click here to donate and leave a message. 

Many of our neediest cases are in temporary homes. Please consider helping a neediest case by fostering or consider adopting one of the dogs below. If you have a question, please contact us.

Jolly 11/15/22
Pup Needs Our Help

Jolly and his siblings came to us from a very crowded Mississippi shelter. When he arrived at his foster home, we noticed he was walking poorly. X-rays were done which showed a painful break. The vet recommended removing his leg.

We want to avoid that if possible with a young dog who has so much growing to do. Jolly was moved to our veterinary surgeon at Medvet in Ohio who assessed Jolly’s leg. He believes Jolly is healing well and can keep his leg, which we will continue to monitor. His foster parents, Judy and Larry, are adopting Jolly so this little guy will stay close to expert medical care.

Aragon 10/8/22
Has Defied the Odds

This senior boy just came in to rescue when he became urgent at the West Palm Beach, FL shelter. He and his sister ended up unclaimed and sadly she passed away. He was rescued in the nick of time but unfortunately not in good shape. He was severely emaciated, just 57 pounds with aspiration pneumonia. His Foster Mom got him to the vet and then he bloated. His stomach flipped so he needed emergency surgery just to survive. 24-hours later, against all odds, he appears to have come through it . Our paws are crossed, hoping he continues to improve.

Leo is Broken 8/30/22
We Will Fix Him

Leo in Louisiana is a one-year old Pyrenees boy who was hit by a car, which happens with many wandering dogs. The poor guy was really badly injured. Unfortunately his owners could not take care of him financially or help him recover. Within a few hours of hearing about Leo, NGPR found a volunteer to foster and get him to the vet to start assessment and treatment of his injuries. We learned Leo has a broken pelvis and a broken femur. If not for NGPR he would have been euthanized, truly a shame for such a young dog whose life had only just begun.

Virtus 8/28/22
In the Nick of Time

This poor Pyr (with a rather unusual name) was at Memphis Animal Control, having difficulty walking. He obviously had been injured and as is true for any large breed dog in an overcrowded shelter, his time was limited. As no other rescue stood up for him, we did. Our volunteer, Jim, showed up at the shelter on a Sunday, just hours before Virtus was scheduled to be euthanized. He not only took Virtus but two other dogs on death row as well.

Ozzy 8/23/22
Neglect Takes It
s Toll

We were waiting for Ozzy.  When our volunteer,  Apple, got a four-year old female Molly from a Virginia shelter she heard there was another, older female in the household who would need rescue. Three months later, we finally got Ozzy, the product of eight years of neglect. This doesn’t happen overnight. Ozzy spent three days at the vet office and came home to Katie, her Kentucky foster, with a guarded prognosis. Stay with us for updates as we follow Ozzy’s journey to a far, far better life than what she has known. It sickens us that we are seeing more and more severely neglected dogs like Ozzy, Molly, Mary and Ashley and no one can put an end to this horrendous neglect.

Mary and Ashley (8/19/22)
Too Young to Feel So Bad

We have two beautiful Pyrenees girls in horrendous condition. They are under two years old, starving and covered in ticks. So many ticks that one girl had to be put under anesthesia to have them all removed. Her ears were also chewed off with no explanation given. Both sisters were loaded with parasites inside and out and now both dogs are anemic—at age two—with elevated liver values.We see many dogs in need but it’s always shocking to see young working dogs stuck outside who have never seen a vet. These were being eaten alive inside and out. This is not okay; it will never be okay. We could never say no to helping them.

Callie (7/15/22)
A Girl in Need

Poor Callie was hit by a car on the 4th of July and never reclaimed by her owners. No collar, tags or microchip. Some very kind police officers got her right to the vet’s office for care. She has a number of open wounds and road rash that can’t be stitched up yet and requires FHO surgery to fix her hip. This will be a long recovery, but Callie is sweet as can be and needs our help. She is currently in Tennessee and we will be looking for a foster home for her to recover in. Let us know if you can help.

Chester (6/15/22)
The Survivor

When Great Pyrenees Rescue Oklahoma contacted us about Chester, we knew we had to help. They rescued him from a small shelter in the OKC area, where he was on the euthanasia list and out of time. With a foster in place, they rushed to the shelter to pull him. He headed straight to the vet for wellness care and then to his foster home. That is when just a couple hours later, he started vomiting and seemed in obvious pain. His foster mom rushed him to the emergency vet where he was diagnosed with bloat. He required immediate surgery and came through it with flying colors and no necrosis. The bloat was caught early enough on to avoid serious damage, thanks to his foster. Chester will need to spend a few days in ICU, and he is not out of the woods yet, but the surgeon is very optimistic. Poor guy literally almost died twice in one day; he deserves a long, happy life after what he’s been through.

Ghost (4/23/22)
Wandering in North Carolina

Ten days ago NGPR got an email asking us to help this boy in NC. The mail carrier saw him walking around the neighborhood with a bad infection from an embedded collar. He has been in tremendous pain but no one wanted him or wanted to help him. Volunteers and Apple and Juliette traveled to the neighborhood to track him down and bring him to the vet. Here’s a video of Ghost being carried to the car. The estimate to heal his neck wound is $3400-4400. We want to help this dog so he lives to learn that somebody cares about him and other abandoned Pyrs.

It took a 3 1/2 hour surgery to clean up the mess around Ghost’s neck, most of it removing dead skin, pus and fur. He’s HW, ehrlichia and lyme positive, which is to be expected. He’ll be on several antibiotics to clear up the skin and tick-borne infections, as well as prednisone and gabapentin. His tentative release date is Monday. Our deepest thanks to everyone who made his treatment possible.

Cayden (3/16/22)
Emaciated in Tennessee

Cayden is a sweet 2-year-old pup who has been stuck in a Dixon shelter for months. He was found at only 33 pounds, about a third of his ideal weight. After a difficult situation with his previous owner, it is easy to understand how he can be a bit fearful of people, especially men. However, he has the sweetest temperament and warms up quickly. 

Cayden has had quite the glow up with a bath, grooming, and flea treatment. He is now up to 88 pounds and looks much healthier. Can you help this sweet boy find his forever home?

Benjamin (2/26/22)
Car Accident Victim

Benjamin comes to us from Alabama and has unfortunately been found after a car accident. He has a fractured ulna and radius, cannot bear weight on that leg, and the vet may recommend amputation. He also has a fractured mandible that may require a plate. He definitely needs medical attention and a little extra love, but otherwise is a young and healthy dog. It’s such a shame that when he was found he was almost put down, but we are eternally grateful for the rescuers out there that were able to save him.

Babies in the Woods  (2/13/22)
More of the Mississippi Mess

These four pups were found in the woods last Sunday. The Mom was trapped and reunited with them later that day. This is the second litter of dogs to come from the property with the tornado-struck trailer.  Dogs were abandoned and left to breed there over a year ago. NGPR is assisting local rescuers with removing a total of 19 dogs from the property.

Buddy, Betty, Bailey, and Benjamin (2/11/22)
Neglected in Louisiana

Four dogs were found in a Louisiana home that was ready to be demolished. The bulldozer was coming whether or not the dogs were inside, and the local animal control did not have the capacity to take them in. They were going to be euthenized, but luckily NGPR was able to step in and give them a new chance on life! They are currently in need of medical attention and are heartworm positive.

Buddy is the oldest of the bunch, around 8-9 years old. Buddy is very thin and needs a home that can help nurse him back to health. Buddy is a very sweet boy.

Betty is a young dog, around 2 years old, who has faced her fair share of challenges. Betty is missing a leg and has spine damage that makes it challenging to walk. Despite this, Betty maintains a great attitude!

Bailey is a young pup, around a year and a half old, who is severely emaciated. Bailey also came to us with an embedded collar. 

Benjamin is just a puppy, the youngest of the bunch. He is very sweet and friendly.

Toby (1/30/22)

Sweet Senior

Poor Toby was found in Kentucky with the worst ear infection that the shelter had ever seen. He was obviously found with some heavily matted fur and has since received a grooming. He is also heart worm positive. Despite this, old Toby is keeping a good attitude and is very friendly and gentle.

Leon, Yetti, Pearl, and Haven (1/24/22)
Found in a tornade-struck trailer

These poor dogs were found in a breeder-gone-bad situation in Mississippi where they were malnourished and abandoned. They are all with temporary fosters but are seeking their forever homes.

Leon is a very friendly and relaxed seven- or eight-year-old dog who is unfortunately heart worm positive.

Yetti is a young pup, assumed to be around a year old, who has had a traumatic injury to his leg, which he will need to have surgically removed. He is a bit timid at first, understandably, but he is learning and improving. Unfortunately, he is heart worm positive.

Haven is the baby of the bunch and is under a year old. She is very sweet but a bit timid. As a young puppy, she will need a family with a lot of time and love to offer.

Pearl is another sweet but timid dog, around age four or five. She is heart worm positive.