Neediest Cases - 2020

The new year always brings in new dogs needing help while we are still trying to catch up with the payments, operations and rehab for dogs from last year. We try to limit our fundraising to a few times a year but neediest cases appear all the time. Frequently we are the "rescue of last resort" who will help a dog that other groups have passed by. NGPR is a 501(c (3) non-profit and your tax-deductible donation helps save our neediest cases who can also be found here, here, here and here The dogs needing help never end and we will never stop helping them!

Be a Foster Hero! Medical Fosters needed for dogs in and around rescue hub cities.
National Great Pyrenees Rescue: Louisville, KY, Nashville & Knoxville, TN, Springfield, OH. Apply HERE.
Great Pyrenees Rescue Society: Houston, TX, Seattle, WA and Portland, OR. Apply HERE.
Fosters should be available to bring dogs to vet and rehab appointments, keep them confined for crate rest and walk them through all the steps to their recovery. If you work from home or are are retired, this may be the commitment that provides the companionship you are looking for!


Dogs Needing Medical Fosters in Texas

Elaine/Texas (1/23/20)
So Gentle!

Elaine is a gorgeous girl who came into rescue last summer. She is not a big girl, weighing around 75 lbs. with a thick, medium-length coat. Elaine is good with others and not hyper, and she passed her cat test with flying colors. She is currently being assessed for urinary tract issues.

She does not appear to be seriously ill and would do much better in a foster home with someone who could care for her and appreciate her sweet, gentle nature.  

If you would like to apply to foster Elaine or know more about her, please contact us or fill out the fostering form for GPRS.




Pollux/Texas (3/16/19)
So Gentle!

Pollux is a sweet guy who came into rescue about a year ago. He is around four years old and weighs around 80 lbs. with gorgeous golden markings.  He eats well and plays well with others but he has diabetes and drinks a ton of water. He visits a specialist which rescue will cover so he can be regulated on his diabetes medication. His foster will need to give him shots twice a day and bring him in for blood tests.

He is a little timid when he first meets you, but he has a big smile once he warms up, and he really enjoys attention. He loves people to spend time with him and is good with other dogs and walks nicely on a leash. He would do great with someone who can spend some quality time with him on walks and socializing with new people. If you would like to foster Pollux or know more about him, please contact us or fill out the fostering form for GPRS.





Stitch/Texas (3/16/18)
It's His Ears!


Poor Stitch. He's been in rescue a while and has ear problems and could lose his hearing.

He needs a foster who can bring him to vet appointments and possibly see him through surgery on his ears.

If you would like to foster Stitch, please contact us or fill out the fostering form for GPRS.




Dogs Needing Medical Fosters in Ohio

Bowie/Ohio (9/1/19)
Running on the Streets of Detroit

Bowie (a.k.a. BoBo) came into rescue last September. He's been staying at the Springfield, OH  kennel but now needs a foster home to bring him through the final months of rehab and recovery so he can gain muscle strength. He’s a strong boy with so much love to give. He’s just 2 and deserves a pain-free life.

BoBo was found running on the streets of Detroit scavenging for his next meal. Steve, our OH Kennel Manager, drove to Detroit from Springfield, OH to get him. We thought he had been hit by a car but after taking him to the vet, we learned he has a congenital condition and needed new knees so he can live a normal life and play like other dogs. His first surgery was mid-October and second was in December so he's on the road to recovery. If you can foster Bo-Bo, please fill out our volunteer form or contact us. 



Many of our neediest cases are in temporary homes. Please consider helping a neediest case by fostering or adopting one. If you have a question, please contact us.

Oakleigh, Winter and Ice/Ohio  (1/26/20)
A Mother Too Soon

We were notified of an owner surrender situation in Michigan on 1/21 but the little family did not come into rescue until the following weekend. The Mom, Oakleigh, her two pups, Ice and Winter, and the Dad, Gunnar, were transported to the Springfield OH kennel on Saturday 1/25.  Unfortunately, Winter, the little girl did not make it and Ice, the boy, ended up in IC for a few days at MedVet.

They were suffering from "failure to thrive" caused in part by the very young age of the mother, less than a year, who probably had pups in her very first heat. They were not nursing and required bottle feeding. The litter should have been much larger, as Pyrs have litters usually numbering ten or more, so we suspect other puppies died as well.

Ice and his Mamma are now with our experienced puppy foster, Denise. He weighed in at 1.9 lbs. recently (inset) and opened his eyes so we know he is thriving in his new home.  Volunteers Melissa and Ray transported Oakleigh and Ice to Denise and a tender moment with Melissa (left) shows how much care young puppies require.


Maggie/Tennessee  (1/23/20)
Trap Tragedy

Poor Maggie was only 12 weeks old when we learned that her right paw was caught in an illegal animal trap. Teresa, our Ops Manager in Tennessee, was contacted by a vet in the Knoxville area when Maggie's owner brought her in with a mutilated paw that had festered for days. The owner could not afford to treat her and the vet recommended euthanasia.

Teresa ran to pick Maggie up that same day and brought Maggie to the Univ. of Tennessee's emergency clinic. We hoped to save her precious paw but learned that it had been crushed and the growth of necrotic tissue necessitated the removal of Maggie's entire leg.

Although reluctant to take such drastic action for a young pup, we followed their recommended protocol and amputated Maggie's leg. Maggie has been recuperating with Knoxville area foster, Deborah, since her operation. She is a young dog, doing great making the adjustment from four paws to three and will be ready for her furever home soon. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about Maggie.


Snoopy/Kentucky (1/6/20)
First HBC of the Year

Snoopy Update, 2/6/20: Snoopy had some TLC, rest and FHO surgery in January. He's doing remarkably well although he's not very happy with his cone or donut! Snoopy will be ready for adoption soon; please contact us if you're interested.

Snoopy was our first disaster of the new year. The preliminary diagnosis for dogs like Snoopy is HBC (Hit By Car). This guy is under a year old and was hit by a car and severely injured. He has a broken back and his hips will need FHO surgery once his back heals a little bit. Despite all that, he is somehow able to walk and he is incredibly sweet.

Katie, his foster Mom, writes "He was seen as a stray along highway 110 in Tennessee and had a collar but nobody claimed him. A week later he was found hit by a car by the side of the road. Somehow he's alive and able to walk a little. He was brought in to a local vet who was optimistic about his prognosis. We've had him contained and calm in our kennel and we are hoping to get some opinions from specialists on the orthopedic and neurologic aspects of this injury. We are hoping he will recover. We realistically know that he might not. We can't let him loose in the house with three rambunctious kids. He's had snacks and treats, pets and lots of rest. He's very sweet."

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