Neediest Cases - 2020

We try to limit our fundraising to a few times a year but neediest cases appear all the time. Frequently we are the "rescue of last resort" who will help a dog that other groups have passed by. NGPR is a 501 c (3) non-profit and your tax-deductible donation helps save our neediest cases who can also be found here, here, here and here The dogs needing help never end and we will never stop helping them!

Many of our neediest cases are in temporary homes. Please consider helping a neediest case by fostering or adopting one. If you have a question, please contact us.

Ramsey (7/8/20)
A Near Death Experience

We have another horrific case of neglect, Ramsey (formerly called Grainger) from Grainger County, Tennessee. This poor old guy very nearly died. He is completely emaciated; weighs just 50 pounds and had the most awful infection from untreated puncture wounds covered in maggots. Thankfully a dedicated group of rescuers were able to catch him and get him safe. He was seen by an amazing vet, Erin French Dols, who treated his wounds and cared for him temporarily. There was also a very kind teenage girl in the area who had been feeding him, trying to help.

We know he had an owner somewhere as he came from a shelter and was microchipped. But then we weren't too surprised when the owner was contacted but never responded when he needed help. No dog should have to suffer like this and left to starve in this condition. There are, however, so many good people to thank for his rescue: Celeste Estes who drove out at night to find him and tended to his wounds until he could get to the vet; Carol Esslinger Forth who answered a late night phone call and drove him to safety; Teresa Lamarche who coordinated the effort to help ths sweet old boy.  We are proud to be part of National Great Pyrenees Rescue who goes above and beyond to help so many of these dogs in need but we are so tired of seeing this happen over and over again.

Jade (6/24/20)
Our Little Jewel Needs a Retool!

Jade was part of a litter who found their way to rescue after being abandoned on a farm in Tennessee.  Her three litter mates, Ash, Scarlet, Violet and Silver have been adopted. We noticed Jade had a problem with her gait, so NGPR did not offer her for adoption. In March she was moved to Ohio for further evaluation. Jade has been seen by Dr. Barnhart at Medvet. She is now about 7 months old and still skeletally immature. She has been diagnosed with bilateral grade IV medial luxating patellas. A patella reduction has been recommended to ensure her growth plates do not contort to accomodate her deformity. We are hoping this is all Jade will need so her knees stay in place. She is on the smaller side, 40 lbs. or so, so this may be a real possibility.  Jade would be rechecked after a month or so and at a year,  the more definitive correction could still be done if needed.





Deason (6/21/20)
Ready for Round II

Deason came into to us from a Kentucky shelter in September 2019. He had instability in both rear legs and it was felt that perhaps he had some kind of unsuccessful surgery previously.  NGPR paid for a left knee TPLO surgery costing $4k in December 2019 for what was diagnosed as a CCL tear. He was diagnosed with bilateral tears, so a return visit for the other leg this year was not a surprise.  We are happy to say that Deason's left knee is doing very well now, so it's time to address the CCL tear on the right. He was seen June 8 by Dr. Matthew Barnhart at Medvet in Ohio. Dr. B. feels Deason really needs this done. He is more mobile now that his left side is good but still limping.  Recommended surgery for right TPLO is another $4k. He will need blood work repeated. His new fosters are willing and able to get him through this surgery. This is a lot of money, almost $8K for both knees, but Deason has a good prognosis and is a very sweet boy.






Laurel (4/30/20)
Too Sick to Fight


Poor Laurel was an older girl in poor condition who was taken in from an animal control facility in Tennessee. She was very shy and we could tell she wasn’t feeling well. Laurel was badly emancipated and tested positive for heartworm and ehrlichia. She came in with a terrible cough and then unfortunately she started to have seizures. She was rushed to Nashville Veterinary Specialists where they kept her for a few days and ran a multitude of tests. All of the diagnostics were very poor. Even with meds and great care Laurel was not able to recover. We are all heartbroken that this sweet senior did not make it.




Rascal (4/20/20)
A Very Sick Baby

Rascal is a young boy who had vaccinations and then the following day, he refused to eat and developed diarrhea. We started him on fluids and medication at home, but by the next day he had serious congestion and nasal discharge and was taken to the vet. Rascal was running a high temperature and was treated for the canine flu, however he did not get better. He was taken to the emergency vet where he was hospitalized for a few days. After several diagnostic tests it was determined that best the vets could tell, he had viral gastroenteritis, that went systemic. Rascal is doing much better but is receiving antibiotics to make a complete recovery. This poor pup's hospital stay cost $3500.

Rascal Update:  Rascal recovered and was adopted in May by a couple in New Jersey looking for a purebred pup.  The husband is a humane control officer.



Ariella Again (4/11/20)

Ariella has had such a sad start in life but we are determined that she will have a happy ending. She was a neediest case in 2019 but her situation just keeps getting worse. This poor girl sat in at Georgia shelter for weeks before we even found out about her. They said she had a hurt jaw and was missing some teeth. Turns out someone shot her in the face and she was missing part of her jaw. Sadly that was almost the least of her worries. She was loaded with parasites and also had a lipoma, a tumor wrapped around her leg. She was moved in a foster in New York and has been doing so well in foster care. Her facial wounds were taken care of and she just had surgery for the tumor. Sadly they had to remove her entire leg and she now needs radiation therapy to ensure the lipoma is neutralized. Her vet bills have added up to $8,000 so far.  It is absolutely heartbreaking how many Livestock Guardian Dogs come into rescue in such poor condition. So many of them end up shot and at death's door.  You couldn't find a sweeter Pyrenees anywhere on the planet. This lovely girl is such a fighter and she is trying so hard.

Ariella Update:  Ariella has become quite mobile on her three legs. She has had many applications but it looks like her foster Mom in New York will be keeping her.

Baby Sherman (4/15/20)
Poor Puppy

Baby Sherman needs our help. Just 10 weeks old and had a seizure. He was  hospitalized at Blue Pearl in Lousiville undergoing diagnostic tests to determine what is wrong. it is likely acute rental failure or Addison's disease or both. Sherman came into rescue when his very young mom was pregnant and delivered 3 pups. One stillborn, one passed away and Sherman had to be bottle fed as mom did not have enough milk. He has been thriving in foster care  but he recently took a turn for the worse and we are all so worried about him. He is the sweetest little boy and he deserves every chance. Please say a prayer he can be treated and have a good recovery and a chance. 

Update: We are sad to say that Baby Sherman passed due to renal failure. Thank you to everyone for your love, support and help with donations.


Sunshine (3/31/20)
Momma Dog Left to Die

Sunshine (formerly Poo Poo) never had a place of her own. She was used as a guard dog for a property in the Tennessee mountains. One neighbor felt bad for Sunshine and let her feed alongside her own dogs since the owners didn’t live at the property full time.

Sunshine’s owners never took her to the vet or had her spayed, so she ended up pregnant and delivered pups, and subsequently developed mastitis and could not nurse the pups. Because she was not contained on the owners’ property, she roamed on nearby properties and one of the neighbors shot her because they didn’t want her on their property. Sunshine crawled under a house and was left to die.

The only thing that saved her was the neighbor that was feeding her took care of her pups and she called NGPR for help with the pups. We asked where the momma dog was and all she said was that she had been shot and retreated under the house. With her help, we got Sunshine to University of Tennessee Medical Center where we learned she had pneumothorax due to the gunshot wound and was having trouble breathing. She is now recovering with a loving foster couple.

Sunshine Update:  Sunshine was adopted and is living the good life with a family in Massachusetts who have an 8-year old child to keep her busy.



Oakleigh, Winter and Ice/Ohio  (1/26/20)
A Mother Too Soon

We were notified of an owner surrender situation in Michigan on 1/21 but the little family did not come into rescue until the following weekend. The Mom, Oakleigh, her two pups, Ice and Winter, and the Dad, Gunnar, were transported to the Springfield OH kennel on Saturday 1/25.  Unfortunately, Winter, the little girl did not make it and Ice, the boy, ended up in IC for a few days at MedVet.

They were suffering from "failure to thrive" caused in part by the very young age of the mother, less than a year, who probably had pups in her very first heat. They were not nursing and required bottle feeding. The litter should have been much larger, as Pyrs have litters usually numbering ten or more, so we suspect other puppies died as well.

Ice and his Mamma are now with our experienced puppy foster, Denise. He weighed in at 1.9 lbs. recently (inset) and opened his eyes so we know he is thriving in his new home.  Volunteers Melissa and Ray transported Oakleigh and Ice to Denise and a tender moment with Melissa (left) shows how much care young puppies require.

Update 5/28: We are sad to say the pups did not survive. Oakleigh was adopted and Gunnar is in a foster home that looks like it could be permanent.


Maggie/Tennessee  (1/23/20)
Trap Tragedy

Poor Maggie was only 12 weeks old when we learned that her right paw was caught in an illegal animal trap. Teresa, our Ops Manager in Tennessee, was contacted by a vet in the Knoxville area when Maggie's owner brought her in with a mutilated paw that had festered for days. The owner could not afford to treat her and the vet recommended euthanasia.

Teresa ran to pick Maggie up that same day and brought Maggie to the Univ. of Tennessee's emergency clinic. We hoped to save her precious paw but learned that it had been crushed and the growth of necrotic tissue necessitated the removal of Maggie's entire leg.

Although reluctant to take such drastic action for a young pup, we followed their recommended protocol and amputated Maggie's leg. Maggie has been recuperating with Knoxville area foster, Deborah, since her operation. She is a young dog, doing great making the adjustment from four paws to three and will be ready for her furever home soon.

Maggie Update, 6/3:  NGPR received a $1,000 grant from Born Free's Victim's Trapping Fund towards Maggie's expenses. She had many applications  was adopted in May by couple in Georgia; the wife is an ICU nurse.  Maggie has a 3-year old shepherd mix brother who keeps her active.

Snoopy/Kentucky (1/6/20)
First HBC of the Year

Snoopy was our first disaster of the new year. The preliminary diagnosis for dogs like Snoopy is HBC (Hit By Car). This guy is under a year old and was hit by a car and severely injured. He has a broken back and his hips will need FHO surgery once his back heals a little bit. Despite all that, he is somehow able to walk and he is incredibly sweet.

Katie, his foster Mom, writes "He was seen as a stray along highway 110 in Tennessee and had a collar but nobody claimed him. A week later he was found hit by a car by the side of the road. Somehow he's alive and able to walk a little. He was brought in to a local vet who was optimistic about his prognosis. We've had him contained and calm in our kennel and we are hoping to get some opinions from specialists on the orthopedic and neurologic aspects of this injury. We are hoping he will recover. We realistically know that he might not. We can't let him loose in the house with three rambunctious kids. He's had snacks and treats, pets and lots of rest. He's very sweet."

Snoopy Update, 2/6/20: Snoopy had some TLC, rest and FHO surgery in January. He's doing remarkably well although he's not very happy with his cone or donut! Snoopy will be ready for adoption soon; please contact us if you're interested.

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