National Pyr’s Foster Hall of Fame

We've had many wonderful fosters through the years. Without them, the rescue of so many dogs would not have possible. When we took stock this year we realized there is also a wonderful group of fosters who have gone above and beyond.  These volunteers have fostered or cared for five or more dogs who went on to find their furever homes with other adopters. These volunteers loved these dogs, taught them basic skills and let them go so they were free to take other dogs who desperately needed foster homes.  We are forever in their debt.  We have established the "Foster Hall of Fame" to honor them and their contribution to rescue and listed them below state by state.  We have done our best to list everyone we know of but there have been so many through the years, please email us if you are or know of a foster who belongs on this list. The list will appear on p.2 of our 2018 Happy Endings calendar. If you are a foster on this list, please email us for a complimentary copy of the calendar.



Alabama Joyce and Jim Jones    
California (GPRS) Summer Pilpot  
Connecticut Donna Bennett
Sue DeBili
Marcy DeCerb
Liz Gragnolati
Michael Hessling
Delaware Laurie Spraga    
Idaho (GPROM) Kristen Barrington    
Indiana Karen Sue Shigley
Michelle Stout
Kentucky Marie Bowden
Alyssa Carter-DeMary
Julie Coon
Carl & Sandy Davis
Joye Estes
Gloria Floyd
Marilyn Horne
Denise Huntsman
Melody LaVon
Katie McGill
Lindsay and Pat O'Leary
Karen Tuell
Gayle Williamson
Lousiana Carolina Bourque
Melanie Carpenter
Alaina Grace
Mahri Rivera
Crystal and Matthew Ryder
Sarah and Blake Thornhill
Maryland Teresa Mercer    
Massachusetts Donna Brennan
Sue Carlin
Catherine Phillips
Diane West
Mississippi Bonnie Marhafer    
Missouri (Bear Creek) Carolyn Jordan    
Montana (GPROM) Christiane Sikora    
New Jersey Frederique Adam-Jupillat
Pooja & Sanjay Arora
Barbara Cusack
Lilli Girvan
Grace Iannazzone
Annette Morrison
Arlene Neuman
Clare Ramsey
New York Abbie & Greg Bulger
Sandy and Bruce Clary
Bridgette Joralemom
Carolyn Laorno
Mary Nelson
Barbara Mattson & Tom Pletcher
Suzanne Phillips
Julie Rheinwald
Carol Richman
Lisa Schifilliti
Ari Thompson
Jennie Young-Walczyk
North Carolina Lena Griffin    
Ohio Karen Blount
Sherrie Holtcamp
Steve Kalko
George Mirones and Colleen Diller
Heather Niedermier
Amy Onyak
Sharon Somers
Claudia Timko
Camile Turner

Oklahoma (GPRO) Carla Auddell
Nate Billings
Deanne McNabb
Nancy Parke
Laura Platt
Lisa Walling
Cindy Whitford
Oregon (GPRS)

Richard Atwood
Kerry Bell

Deborah Dallmann
Katrina Davis
Elizabeth Fulsher
Charlotte Headrick
Mary Hibberd
Sara Hunstock
Nikki Kaster-Sena
Terry McCabe
Tiffany Mumma
Kathy Oleson
Nicole Rooney
Jackie Titus


Lita Bellocchio
Tara Derrico
Patricia Heidlebaugh
Beth Ann Newman

Pat Shafer
Ann Tweardy

Rhode Island Becky Jordan
Lorna Steele
Tennessee Andee Anderson    
Texas (GPRS) Michelle Bailey
Saralynn Bailey
Debby Cody
Kickie D'Alfonso
Gail Forest
Jennifer Hoffpauir
Juliette Martine
Jenny Nelson
Dana Payne
Malise Saucier
Charlene Signorino

Virginia Elizabeth DiFrancisco
Lynn Morgan
Teresa Rich
Washington State (GPRS)

Hannah Bradish
Kerry Burkhardt
Jesse Chute
Mark Dozier
Emily Elliott
Rebekah Manning
Stacie Matisons
Dan Mclain
Lori Oviatt
Sandra Silvester

Janice Walker
James Tanya

West Virginia Shannon Gandee
Debbie Pauley