Make It a Winter Whiteout!

Winter is a great time to adopt. Here are some good reasons to start the adoption process now so you can enjoy the winter with your new Pyr:

  • Spring and Fall are the busiest time for adoptions so you'll get more time and attention in Winter when adoptions are slower.
  • Great Pyrenees love being outside in the cold weather so if winter activities are for you, he or she will be happy to come along. 

  • During the winter months you'll probably spend more time at home so you can bond with your new pet.

  • If you're a couch potato, your Pyr will be happy to climb up with you for a long winter's nap.

  • If you spin or knit you can start making a warm scarf or sweater now from Pyr fur.

  • Your Pyr will immediately rush out  when it snows and conveniently carve out a path for you to follow in.

  • It's easier to find poop in the snow.

  • Long winter nights won't be so lonely with a Pyr to keep you company.

  • Pyr barking will keep bears away from your bird feeder.

  • You'll have a new friend to love and cherish sooner rather than later.