Heartworm Treatment News and Documents

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New Negative!
This is one situation where a negative is a positive! Please join us in congratulating our latest heartworm negative dog!  If your dog has tested negative please let us know by email and attach the test results or ask your vet to fax them to 888-505-6985.  Thanks.

Marshall Is Now Negative

Marshall was named for the animal control he came out of in Alabama. He was adopted to a family in Maine and is the third dog they adopted from NGPR. He was on the heartworm treatment protocol of doxycycline and a moxidectin product for six months before he became heartworm negative.

The University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine wrote about the effectiveness of this method in an article “Hope for Heartworm Positive Dogs” published in March 2018. NGPR now uses Simparica Trio for our heartworm treatment.

How to Reach Us
We can answer questions about the amount of medication, frequency or other concerns you may have if you adopted or are fostering a heartworm positive dog from NGPR.  Contact our volunteer administrator, Lorraine, by email.

Heartworm Protocol PDF!  
 Get it by clicking the link above. This document contains the program explanation and instructions. You can email Sandy for more medication here.

Please note that NGPR makes no claims regarding our heartworm program protocol.  We have found it an effective method for non-invasive treatment of heartworm positive dogs but suggest that anyone with a heartworm positive dog consult their veterinarian regarding treatment and testing of their dog.