Goodbye Gloria

We were shocked to learn last weekend that Gloria Floyd, a long time foster for NGPR, passed away at her home in Catletsburg, KY on June 30, just two days after her 70th birthday. NGPR's Secretary and our Kentucky coordinator Denise Huntsman said, "Those of you who knew her know what a great champion Gloria was for NGPR and Pyrs. She would do whatever it took to go out and rescue a Pyr in need—there was never a distance too far nor a dog she wouldn’t fight for. Gloria was a longtime foster and volunteer, a part of our family who will greatly be missed."

Gloria filled out an application to foster for NGPR in 2015. Her location in eastern Kentucky was ideal for rescue. We didn't have much coverage in the area and at the time there was  transport heading to the Northeast from her area weekly, so a holding station was important to have there. At that time Gloria was also volunteering with the American Cancer Society. She was the proud owner of a 13-year female Pyrenees. She assured us right off the bat she was the real deal when she told us "Chelsie is a full-blooded Pyrenees with all of the quirks that we love about the breed." Gloria and her husband, Darwin (right), went on to foster 12 great Pyrenees for us and adopted two of her rescues. Gloria's last foster, Durango, was adopted by prior NGPR adopters in Ohio in June.

Earlier this Spring we were contacted about three dogs, one female and two males, who wandered up to a woman's house a year ago. She had been caring for them but could no longer afford to do so and they were in terrible condition. Sad to say, the local Kentucky shelter was so full they couldn't take these dogs without euthanizing them. When we asked Gloria to help she didn't hestitate to drive out there to investigate the situation. She picked them up and working with Kentucky coordinator, we found fosters for all three. Unfortunately Oliver (right), a young male had an injured rear paw, which had been caught in a trap. Oliver's wound was examined and cleaned out by a local vet but unfortunately it had to be amputated. Happily both Oliver and his brother Dillon were adopted in June. Their Mom, Hope, is on medical hold. Other dogs fostered by Gloria include Precious, Alaska, Ginger, BJ, Chubbs, Simone, Mya, Nina, Mateo and Sugar Bear.

Frankie (left) was a dog that Gloria fostered for the longest time. She loved him very much. He was diagnosed with congential renal failure at six months old in 2018 and knowing this was a progressive disease limiting his life,  Gloria continued to care for him until he passed in December 2020. This is what Gloria wrote at the time: "Frankie came into rescue almost 2 years ago at 5 months old weighing 25 lbs. Although he had a short life expectancy due to renal dysplasia, he got up to 79 lbs. It was very difficult to give him up, but we’re thankful for the time we all had with him. He was a very happy boy and enjoyed his life with our girls till his kidneys finally failed. Run free sweet boy. We’ll love you furever. " Little did we know that Gloria would only be with us six months longer.  It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to one of the best friends our rescue has ever had.