Five Who Need Fosters

These five dogs are in different states. Transport is available to move them within the Eastern U.S. Please visit to fill out a fostering application or if you are an approved foster or volunteer, please email

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Carlos in Ohio

Photo of Carlos in OH - pending #1

Carlos is a big puppy who is now nine months old. He’s playful, gets along with other dogs and can be be placed with older children. He adores attention and will thrive with the right family who has the time to work with him. Read more about Carlos here.


Lucy in Virginia

Photo of Lucy in VA - Sweet Girl Knows Lots of Tricks! #2

Lucy is quite a sweet and relaxed mellow older girl, though she does like the occasional playtime, especially when a toy is involved. Lucy loves to hang out with you inside, and she is also happy hanging out in the backyard on a nice day. Lucy’s DNA points to her being a Pyr/Akita mix, which is perfect for anyone who loves both breeds.  More about Lucy can be found here.


Moose in Pennsylvania

Photo of Moose in PA - Loves Walks and Car Rides! #2

Moose is a six-year-old male Pyr who has some of the breed’s idiosyncracies but a lot of the love they have to share. He is currently living with another dog and cat. His ideal home would have a large yard and and a loving family to take him for walks.  For more about Moose, click here.

Tulip & Prince in New Hampshire

Photo of Tulip & Prince in NH - Gorgeous Bonded Pair! #1

These two sweeties are forever buddies. She’s nine and he’s four. They like being outdoors, are good with basic commands and would do best in a quiet home as the only pets. Read more about them here.