Donate to the Dogs

We appreciate your help for our dogs. Great Pyrenees are an at-risk breed with large numbers showing up at shelters around the country daily. There are so many, the Pyr rescue groups across the country cannot help them all but we try. Many of these dogs are in sad and neglected condition.

We’ve been actively committed to supporting this breed since 2006 and the need never stops. NGPR provides front-line rescue east of the Mississippi and funding as the non-profit umbrella for Pyr rescues west of the Mississippi. Our latest neediest cases, who need your help now, can be seen here.

We underwrite costly medical expenditures and organize weekly transports to move dogs out of high-kill shelter areas. Our 800 shelter and adoption hotline numbers and owner surrender programs assist Pyrs and Pyr owners throughout the United States. We constantly strive to meet the increasingly large number of owner surrenders and shelter dogs needing rescue.

It costs more to board, spay/neuter, feed and transport big dogs. We need your tax-deductible donation so we can give big dogs the big help they need.  You may donate with a credit card, Paypal or by check.  Clicking on the Paypal button below will also open a credit card option. If you would like to write a check, our address is:

National Great Pyrenees Rescue, Inc.
P.O. Box 86
Nanuet, NY 10954