National Goals

Here are the many ways NGPR endeavors to help Great Pyrenees rescue:

  1. NGPR, through its web site,, will publicize and promote the breed and Pyrs in need of rescue, rehabilitation and adoption.
  2. NGPR will use social media and networking sites to maintain communications between shelters, rescuers and adopters.
  3. NGPR will use and make available online tools needed to place dogs effectively and efficiently.
  4. NGPR will provide accurate information about the breed and promote education about the breed.
  5. NGPR will support existing, legitimate Pyr rescue groups and their activities and will help new rescue groups become established in places where effective breed rescue does not currently exist.
  6. NGPR will work with established, reputable Great Pyrenees rescue groups to facilitate highly selective, one-on-one placement of Great Pyrenees dogs across the country.
  7. NGPR will work with other national groups to promote the regulation of pet stores, puppy mills and breeders to avoid the excess production and discarding of animals.
  8. NGPR will fund-raise on a national basis to provide aid and relief for Pyr rescue.