A Star is Born

2009 Calendar
2010 Calendar With Zoe and Willis
When National Pyr had its very first calendar contest, Zoe and Willis from Rhode Island were the cover dogs on that original Happy Endings Calendar. Both dogs were adopted through National Pyr rescues—Zoe was rescued from Mid-South Great Pyrenees Rescue in 2007 and Willis came from the Great Pyrenees Rescue Society in 2009.  Along the way, two new NGPR dogs, Duncan in 2012 and then this summer, beautiful Lola the puppy, were added to the Rhode Island pack. Adopting from rescue is addictive and we’re happy to say that six years later, Pam and her latest pack are still with us.


Four Pups From the Twigs Litter
Lola, formerly known as Holly, was part of a litter known as the "Twigs" that we were asked to save by a Tennessee shelter. Holly and her brothers and sisters, Maple, Laurel and Willow, Lilac, Rose, Olive, Chestnut and Cedar were all adopted this summer. Lola went to Rhode Island when Pam lost Zoe to cancer. Lola is Pam's fourth Great Pyrenees dog from rescue. She is growing up to be a sweet-natured, calm and quirky girl with a taste for frozen bananas and ice cubes. Her face and badger coloring are evolving since she arrived in July and she has finally broken through with Duncan and pesters him to play with her all the time.



Lola, Willis, Duncan
Duncan, Lola and Willis
Just like Pam's pack, NGPR's rescue family has changed and grown over the years since our first Happy Endings Calendar.  Thousands of  dogs have been saved through rescue and have found many wonderful homes, just like Lola and her littermates have.  Our heartfelt thanks to Pam and everyone who supported the 2016 Top Dog Calendar contest.  To see the all the dogs in the calendar and the final rankings, click here.