Dogs Needing Fosters

You can visit to see the pooch profiles for all our dogs.  Here are a few dogs east of the Mississippi who need foster or adoptive homes.  If you are an approved adopter or foster, please email to foster one of these dogs.  Or, if you haven't fostered or adopted from us yet, click here to learn more.



Shane in Tennessee is new to rescue and not listed on Petfinder yet. This handsome guy is only two years old and from what we have seen, a very nice boy. Transport is available for Shane to the Northeast. Let us know if you are interested in fostering him.






Molly in Kentucky is ready for a foster or furever home.  She's a smaller mix weighing around 75 lbs. who seems to get along with everyone. She has great smile and a sunny disposition which makes her an easy keeper.  We think Molly is about three years old.  Transport is available to the Northeast. You can read her pooch profile here.





Sophie is a senior girl in Tennessee who can't wait to find a furever family of her own. She is as sweet and loving as can be. She did not have the best start in life and was sold to be a Livestock Guardian...problem was, she didn't care to guard anything at all, she just loves to be around people! Her rescuers picked her up from a farm and she was so happy, that she hopped right in the car and never looked back! Sophie adores everyone she meets and gets along great with everybody.  You can read her pooch profile here.





This pretty pup is Clara in Tennessee. She is just nine months old and in need of a foster home. She did great with all the big dogs, cats and horses in her home; loved the neighbors dogs too. She was surrendered because she did not get along with the small terrier dogs in the home. She is currently in Nashville but transport is available to the Northeast. Clara is not listed yet but really needs a great home of her own, or a foster to care for her in the meantime. Please let us know if you can help.




Samson was at the University of Tennessee for surgery to remove a badly infected tumor. He is doing great and the prognosis for his recovery is great.  Sampson was dumped off at a shelter covered in maggots with a raging infection and they were trying to adopt him out for 50 bucks in that condition. We were not sure he would make it, but wanted to give him every chance. We are also looking for a Knoxville or nearby area foster who can take him in post surgery to recover. He is the nicest boy ever.





Sugar Bear is a super nice young girl in Ohio who is in need of a home and a great foster or adoptive family of her own. She's a real sweetie. Although she is not good with cats, she gets along great with the other dogs big or small. She really loves to play in the fenced yard and take long walks with her human friends.  Visit Sugar Bear's pooch profile to learn more about her.





Lizzy, who is five, is in boarding in South Carolina and we hope to move her to a foster soon. She is pretty mellow and prefers to play with one dog at a time.  She seems to like hanging out in her 6x6 kennel rather than rough-housing in the play yard with large groups of dogs. Lizzy has been cat tested and she is mostly curious about them. Lizzy does not have a pooch profile yet.



















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