2023 Calendar Contest Photo Requirements

1. Only one photo submission per entry fee, so give us your best shot. No refunds for photos that cannot be used. You can submit multiple entries/photos for inclusion in the calendar, but each dog can be represented by only one photo in the contest, which in the case of multiple entries, we will select.

2. Photos must be taken at the highest resolution possible. At a minimum your digital photo should be at least 2400 x 1800 pixels and a color image in a horizontal layout. Photos cannot contain filters of any kind, such as Snapchat or Instagram filters, or be edited using any type of digital software. As long as your photos are high-resolution they can be submitted in any digital format—JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc. Poor quality photos will be used as thumbnails in the calendar where possible, or not be used at all. Yes, you can submit a photo with multiple dogs in it but they will not reproduce as well. Dogs should placed close together (not scattered or in the background). No humans in photos, only dogs and other pets.

3. A few tips: You can use a digital camera or your smart phone to take the contest photo. Whichever you use, please make sure you’re shooting at the highest quality setting. Make sure your dog is in focus, that your photo is not over- or under-exposed (too light or too dark) and take more than one photo so you can select the best one. Your submitted photo’s file size should be measured in MB rather than KB. IMPORTANT: please check your email settings to make sure the photo is not reduced in size when you send it to us. And please click here for some additional tips on taking high-quality photos.