2021 Annual Appeal

2018 Annual Pyr Appeal

Thanks For Helping the Dogs!

Our deepest thanks to everyone who donated. We are happy to say we made our $50k match before December 31 for the first time ever. We especially want to thank the two foundations whose generous support made it possible to offer holiday matching funds. If you’ve adopted from NGPR or seen our Neediest Cases posts on social media, you know we’ve been on the front lines of rescue for 15 years, working in places where other Pyr rescues don’t go.

This year we have helped dogs like Jake, Noelle, Sully and Sasha and other neediest cases.  Your donation to rescue makes it possible to help them and many more dogs.

The Annual Pyr Appeal gives you the opportunity to make a tax-free donation and leave your personal holiday message when you click on the donate button below. Dedicate your donation to a person or animal you love. Or, send your check and message to National Great Pyrenees Rescue, P.O. Box#86, Nanuet, NY 10954. We thank everyone who supports rescue throughout the year and especially now at this time of giving.

National Great Pyrenees Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and has received a silver rating from GuideStar USA for non-profit transparency and accountability.

Facebook donors, there is a 2-3 day lag before we receive notice of your donation. If you have donated $25 or more on Facebook and would like to leave a holiday message below, please email us your message which will be added when we post your donation. Everyone else, please click the donate button to make your donation and leave your message now. Thank you.

If you wish to purchase a 2022 calendar, please click here for the calendar.





    12/31/21. From Lisa in Kentucky.
    12/31/21. From Julia in Virginia.
    12/31/21. From Ross in Tennessee.
    12/31/21. For my sweet Dale, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge earlier this fall, and my loving fur babies, Bella, Jeb & Chipotle. From Suzanne in New Jersey.
    12/31/21. From Liz in Massachusetts.
    12/31/21. For Bella adopted Jan. 2017, she is doing great! Thx for rescuing her.From Yoncha in Maryland.
    12/31/21. ()$15) From Jeanne in Pennsylvania.
    12/31/21. From Brandi in Massachusetts.
    12/31/21. From Grace in South Carolina.
    12/31/21. In loving memory of Gretchen. From Gustavo in Florida.
    12/31/21. From Kathleen in California.
    12/31/21. For Otter and Odin in New Jersey. From Laurie in New Jersey.
    12/31/21. In memory of Gunner, adopted dog from GPRN. From Cheryl in Ohio.
    12/31/21. For Midas. From Gaby in New York.
    12/31/21. For Snowbell and Louie. From Dana in Tennessee.
    12/31/21. From Laura in Washington.
    12/31/21. I hope this can help at least one beautiful Great Pyrenee. From Traci in Texas.
    12/31/21. From Amy in Pennsylvania.
    12/31/21. For Slater, Tuck, Bridger, Cannon, & Lainie. From Lynn in Rhode Island.
    12/31/21. From Kristen in Maryland.
    12/31/21. For Jasmine. From Paul in Maryland.
    12/31/21. From Wendy in Wisconsin.
    12/31/21. From Charlotte in Pennsylvania.
    12/31/21. From Lisa in New York.
    12/31/21. From Gail and David in New Jersey.
    12/31/21. In memory of our beloved JoJo. From Angela in Utah.
    12/31/21. In loving memory of Mandy & Bantam. From Kelly in Massachusetts.
    12/30/21. For EVERY Pyr to have an amazing home like my 4 Pyrs! From Lisa in Washington.
    12/31/21. With thanks for our rescue bear/ORSON. From Bart in Michigan.
    12/31/21. From Ken in Connecticut.
    12/31/21. From Kerry in Massachusettsk.
    12/31/21. ($200) To all the creatures that need help. From Elizabeth in Connecticut.
    12/31/21. In honor of all the volunteers in rescue, who do the hard work. From Billie in Tennessee.
    12/31/21. Please share with the Oklahoma rescue. From Pam in Oklahoma.
    12/31/21. In memory of Oberon Clements. From Mary in New York.
    12/30/21. To all the good people helping these dogs. From Michael in California.
    12/30/21. In memory of Rusty Cancellieri. From Janet in New York.
    12/30/21. ($200) From Angela in Kentucky.
    12/30/21. 4X For where the need is greatest. From Smiley, Ben and Aurora. From Mary in Maryland.
    12/30/21. From Patty in Massachusetts.
    12/29/21. From Mary Lee in Maine.
    12/27/21. From Joe in New Jersey.
    12/27/21. From June in New Jersey.
    12/26/21. From Birgit in Maryland ($2,000). For Sunny & Lancelot, who bring so much joy to our lives.
    12/26/21. From Joan in Michigan.
    12/26/21. From Kathleen in Delaware ($10). In memory of Sammy, Smokey & Roc. They took good care of me.
    12/25/21. From Sharon in Virginia.
    12/25/21. From Amanda in Indiana ($200). For Luca Berticelli.
    12/25/21. From Amanda in Indiana ($200). For Orso Berticelli.
    12/24/21. From Kathleen in Maryland. For Jessie and Walker.
    12/24/21. From Michael in California.
    12/24/21. From Lynn in New York.
    12/23/21. From Mary Joan in New York.
    12/23/21. From Marc in New Hampshire.
    12/23/21. From Peggy in New Jersey. Merry Christmas to my baby brother with the big heart, Bret Schwinge. Love, Peg.
    12/23/21. From Amy in Connecticut. For Linda Petrucci.
    12/22/21. From Brenda in New Jersey.
    12/22/21. From Ann in Florida. For Atlas.
    12/22/21. From Carly in Virginia. For Jesse Torisky.
    12/21/21. From Jim and Rebecca in Montana. For GPRM.
    12/21/21. From Lydia in Pennsylvania. For Amy Troyano.
    12/21/21. From Maureen in New Jersey. In memory of Sammy, Sophie, Huck and Georgia.
    12/20/21. From Tammy in Louisiana.
    12/20/21. From Bethany in Ohio.
    12/20/21. From Jennifer in Ohio. In memory of Scooter.
    12/20/21. For GPRM. From Kristin in Montana.
    12/20/21. From Diane in Tennessee.
    12/20/21. From Nancy in Maryland.
    12/20/21. For Willy and Archie. From Ellen in New York.
    12/20/21. From Sarah in Hawaii.
    12/19/21. From Christian in Pennsylvania.
    12/19/21. From Thomas in Massachusetts. In memory of Dezi and Lacie.
    12/19/21. From Christian in Pennsylvania.
    12/19/21. From Robin in Tennessee.
    12/19/21. From Gail in New Jersey.
    12/19/21. From Brian in Washington. In honor of Claire.
    12/19/21. From Pam in New York. With love from Big Boy Odie and our first Pyr, Gwyn, who we lost at 6 from osteosarcoma.
    12/19/21. From Edith Eileen in Texas.
    12/18/21. From Gregory in Ohio.
    12/18/21. From Ward in Oregon.
    12/18/21. From Ariella in Massachusetts.
    12/18/21. From Patricia in Michigan.
    12/18/21. From Wayne in New Jersey.
    12/18/21. From Beth in Pennsylvania. For Barb & Marty Haubrich.
    12/17/21. From Brittney in New York. For Michael.
    12/17/21. From Mary Ann in New York. To our beloved Gator & Patch, we miss you.
    12/17/21. From Andrew in California.
    12/16/21. From Mary in New Mexico. For Hank & Jubilee, our dear old rescue Pyrs.
    12/16/21. From Susan in Connecticut.
    12/16/21. From Ann in New Jersey. Honoring Hera.
    12/16/21. From Shari in Connecticut. For Elizabeth Fackler.
    12/16/21. From Howard in Arizona. In memory of great Great Pyrs Gentle Ben, Claire and Winston.
    12/16/21. From Louise in Arizona.
    12/16/21. From Kristi in California.
    12/16/21. From James in New Jersey. From Sasha in NJ.
    12/16/21. From Michael in Georgia. For our pups Lana and Thunder.
    12/9/21. From Michael in Illinois. (Pledge) In honor of Bodhi.
    12/16/21. From Stacy in Washington. In honor of my sweet Albie, who brought so much joy and happiness to so many.
    12/16/21. From Harriet in Alabama.
    12/15/21. From Rachel & Jim in Massachusetts. Sending love to the Kentucky dogs from our rescues Toby, Gemma & Koda.
    12/15/21. From Allison in Pennsylvania. For the Kentucky tornado dogs.
    12/15/21. From Sandra in Michigan.
    12/15/21. From James in New York. To all the Pyrs.
    12/15/21. From Michael in North Carolina.
    12/15/21. From Paula in Washington.
    12/15/21. ($400) From Joanne in Pennsylvania.
    12/15/21. From Doug & Cassandra in Tennessee. For Jasmine.
    12/15/21. From India & Nathan in Oregon.
    12/15/21. From Marianne in New York. Thanks for helping!
    12/15/21. From Teresia in Massachusetts.
    12/15/21. From Linda in New York.
    12/12/21. From Robin in New York.
    12/11/21. From Kelley in New York.
    12/15/21. From Renate in Tennessee.
    12/15/21. From Liz in Massachusetts.
    12/15/21. ($150) In honor of my Bella. From Patricia in Maryland.
    12/15/21. From Marci in New York.
    12/15/21. From Jenna in Michigan.
    12/15/21. From Deborah in Texas.
    12/15/21. From Sabine in Florida.
    12/15/21. In honor of Gina and John Rogers. From Dawn in Massachusetts.
    12/15/21. To help the need in Kentucky from a huge dog Lover with my own rescue Pyr. From Stephen in Oregon.
    12/15/21. From Sharon in Pennsylvania.
    12/15/21. From Gabriella in Hawaii.
    12/15/21. From Janet in Florida.
    12/15/21. From Patricia in Massachusetts.
    12/15/21. From Mark in Nova Scotia.
    12/15/21. For Stephen and Kaitlyn. From David and Judy in New Jersey.
    12/14/21. For Love Guest. From Cornelia in Texas.
    12/14/21. ($20) From Angela in Texas.
    12/14/21. In memory of Dr Russell P. “Rusty” Cancellieri. From Charles in South Carolina.
    12/14/21. Birthday gift for Dean. From Kartik in California.
    12/14/21. From Vonda in Texas.
    12/13/21.($150) From Susan in Virginia.
    12/13/21. In memory of Dr Russell (Rusty) Cancellieri. From Helen in Georgia.
    12/12/21. ($35) For Dean. From Kavish in California.
    12/12/21. For Dean. From Ryan in California.
    12/12/21. From Deanna in Washington.
    12/12/21. Happy Birthday, Dean. Great Cause. From Chandana in California.
    12/12/21.($150) For Lucy. From John in Oklahoma.
    12/12/21. For Dean. From Neetu.
    12/12/21.($150) This is given in memory of Dr. Russell Cancellieri. From Ned and Mary in South Carolina.
    12/11/21. In Memory of My Cousin Rusty Cancellieri. From Carol in New York.
    12/11/21. For my friend, Dean From Michael, a dog lover in California.
    12/11/21. In honor of Dean Philippe’s 11th birthday. From Pamela in California.
    12/10/21. In Loving Memory of Rusty Cancellieri from The Hull Family – Hank, Eileen, Jackie, Sue and Chris in New York.
    12/8/21. David and Martha in Virginia.
    12/8/21. In honor of Maisy. From Debra in Kentucky.
    12/7/21. From Deanna in Virginia.
    12/7/21. From Al and Diana in Mississippi.
    12/7/21. From Linda in Florida.
    12/7/21.($150) For Nikki Smith. From Jodi in Oklahoma.
    12/7/21. Happy Birthday, Naomi. From Donna in Massachusetts.
    12/6/21. Thank you for all you do for this breed. From Mary in New Hampshire.
    12/6/21. For my late wife Susan, Lover of Pyrs and rescuer of lost souls. From Michael in Ohio.
    12/6/21. From James in Michigan.
    12/6/21. From Colin in Maryland.
    12/6/21. For Great Pyrenees Rescue Montana ($150). From Dana in California.
    12/4/21. For Karen and Jeff Dean. From Samantha.
    12/4/21. From Joanne in Oregon.
    12/3/21. From Connie in Oregon.
    12/2/21. In Memory of Sharon Gayle Wallace. From Brigid in Ohio.
    12/2/21. In memory of Connie Hatch-Feir. From Jason in Colorado.
    12/2/21. In honor of Sharon Gayle Wallace. From Richard in South Carolina.
    12/1/21. From James in Ohio.
    12/1/21. From Paul in Michigan.
    12/1/21. Thank you to matching us with our first pyr Callisto, she brings so much joy and silliness into our lives! From Suzanne in Maryland.
    12/1/21. From Kathleen in Michigan.
    12/1/21. In memory of Gretchen Agusti. From Gustavo in Florida.
    12/1/21. From Theo in New York.
    12/1/21. From Sally in Illinois.
    12/1/21. From Amy in Connecticut.
    12/1/21. From Gail in Massachusetts.
    12/1/21. Retired farm dog Cheb thanks NGPR. Charlie & Clover are also grateful for saving them. From Barb and Marty in Pennsylvania.
    12/1/21. From Kristin in Washington. In gratitude for Jilly.
    12/1/21. From Lisa in Louisiana.
    11/30/21. From William in Pennsylvania.
    11/30/21. From Kathleen in Ontario. Jethro and Morag.
    11/30/21. From Jeff in Florida.
    11/30/21. From Nick in New Jersey. Adam Eiler & Elizabeth Jensen.
    11/30/21. From Melissa in Ohio.
    11/30/21. From Lori in Ohio.
    11/30/21. From Gary in California. In memory of Snowball, Maxine, Madison, Bianca, Sylvia & now loving Anna.
    11/30/21. From Suzanne in New Jersey. From Bella & Jeb, and in memory of Dale. Thanks NGPR for all you do.
    11/30/21. From Stephen in Kentucky. Galahad.
    11/30/21. From Georganna in Florida.
    11/30/21. From Carol in Washington.
    11/30/21. From Ruth in New York. In memory of Bella. Forever loved
    11/30/21. From Kate in Ohio. For Latte—our first Pyr. We miss you!
    11/30/21. From Wendy in New York.
    11/30/21. From Pamela in Rhode Island. In loving memory of Duncan, who left us this year.
    11/30/21. From Melissa in Kansas. In memory of Paddington.
    11/30/21. From Mary in Massachusetts.
    11/30/21. From Lori in California.
    11/30/21. From Porsha in Georgia.
    11/30/21. From Gabrielle in Massachusetts. Thanks for all you do from Kajika & Kitchi.
    11/30/21. From Dan in Idaho.
    11/30/21. From Lynn in New York.
    11/30/21. From Robbie in Pennsylvania.
    11/30/21. From Brandi in Massachusetts. Warm wishes from Brandi & Rumpole (fellow Pyr), Isla & Finnegan.
    11/30/21. From John in Massachusetts. For our new best friend, Bear. John & Chris.
    11/30/21. For Lily & Lacy! From Lorie in New York.
    11/30/21. In memory of Alex and Annie. From Renee and Jeff in Virginia.
    11/30/21. From Sandy and Bruce in New York.
    11/30/21. From Pamela in Michigan.
    11/30/21. From Edward in Tennessee.
    11/30/21. From Jane in Rhode Island.
    11/30/21. From Rick in Washington.
    11/30/21. From Heidi in Oregon.
    11/30/21. From Bella, Sam and Jack in Cincinnati!. Susan in Massachusetts.
    11/30/21.In memory of our beloved gentle giant. From Gail and Allen in Arizona.
    11/30/21. To all who help a Pyr! From Northern Whitetail Scents in New York.
    11/30/21. $200 From Kaile in Hawaii. For King Louis.
    11/30/21.To all these amazing dogs!! From Karin in Wisconsin.
    11/30/21. From Molly in Kentucky.
    11/30/21. Thank you for all of your hard work in rescuing and taking care of these special souls. From Michael in Pennsylvania.
    11/30/21. To Macie, my first pyr. From Carol in Pennsylvania.
    11/30/21. Dedicated to Saylor, our wonderful 12 year old Pyr! From Mellar in Pennsylvania.
    11/30/21. From Gina and John in New Jersey.
    11/30/21. For Jesse. From Carol in California.
    11/30/21. From Karen in New Mexico.
    11/30/21. In honor of my beautiful rescued Daisy, the Great (therapy dog). From Erica in Utah.
    11/30/21. From Edith in Texas.
    11/30/21. In memory of Biscotti. From Sherry in Texas.
    11/30/21. For new babies, Justice, Squeeky (and in memory of Halo). From Kristen in Massachusetts.
    11/30/21. In memory of Larson. From Robin in Pennsylvania.
    11/30/21. In memory of Little Stellie. From Darcie in Oregon.
    11/30/21. In memory of Bentley, Teddy and Pola and in honor of Little Bentley. From Eileen in Texas.
    11/30/21. From Laura in New Jersey.
    11/30/21. From Deborah in Connecticut.
    11/30/21. From Linda in Indiana.
    11/30/21.To Great Pyrenees Rescue Montana. From Rebecca in Utah.
    11/30/21. For Carole at Great Pyr Rescue Montana. From Shelly in Utah.
    11/30/21. From Kye in Massachusetts.
    11/30/21. From Karrie in Utah.
    11/30/21. From Helen and Steve in Pennsylvania.
    11/30/21. From Maureen in New Jersey.
    11/30/21. In honor of my beautiful Pyr rescue (Athena), Pumpkin! From John in Virginia.
    11/30/21. In memory of my beautiful Quinn. We miss you so very much. From Denise in Pennsylvania.
    11/30/21. From Kye in Illinois.
    11/30/21. In memory of Jake and Moon. From Thomas in Michigan.
    11/30/21. From Kat in Alabama.
    11/30/21. From Jeanette in Florida.
    11/30/21. Orrie, Tova, and Loki – our pyrfect furever family! From Elizabeth in Ohio.
    11/29/21. Merry Christmas to all the Pyrs and Pyr Lovers! Findley & Duke Krisa in Ohio.
    11/29/21. From Carole in Montana.
    11/29/21. In Memory of Big T! From Kathleen in Massachusetts.
    11/28/21. In memory of the incomparable Mr. Martini. From Linda in Rhode Island.
    11/28/21. In memory of Bella. From Jeff in Massachusetts.
    11/28/21. In memory of Bear Gerrish. From Laura in Florida.
    11/28/21. From Michael in North Carolina.
    11/28/21. From April in Montana. For Great Pyrenees Rescue Montana.
    11/28/21. From Marianne in New York.
    11/28/21. All my fur babies waiting on me to join them. From Terry in Tennessee.
    11/28/21. For Molly, my rescue Pyr. From Elaine in Arizona.
    11/28/21. In memory of Rufus and Ace our beloved Pyrs. From Wanda and Patricia in North Carolina.
    11/28/21. In memory of Rufus and Ace our beloved Pyrs. From Wanda and Patricia in North Carolina.
    11/28/21. In honor of Anja, our first Pyrenees. She started my love of this special breed. From Memorie in Kentucky.
    11/27/21. From Penny in Georgia.
    11/27/21. From Nycolle in Florida.
    11/27/21. From Mark in Nova Scotia.
    11/27/21. From Karen and Winston in New York.
    11/27/21. From Tami in Florida.
    11/27/21. From Fran in Tennessee. In honor and in memory of the many rescues who have been part of my family over the past 40 years two, of which are NGPR foster failures. Thank you.
    11/27/21. From Billie in Tennessee, in honor of Jackson.
    11/27/21. From Laura in Massachusetts.
    11/27/21. From Charlotte in Oregon.
    11/27/21. From Lou in Massachusetts. With love from Alaska, Memphis and Bear
    11/26/21. From Hemant in New Jersey.
    11/26/21. From Denise in Illinois. For Trixie, Memphis and Oliver.
    11/26/21. From Daniel in Wisconsin.
    11/26/21. From Mary Sue in Texas. Mona, Sophie, Dakota and Annabelle.
    11/26/21. From Grady in Washington.
    11/26/21. From Ellen in New York. For my angel, Cappy.
    11/26/21. From Patricia in Pennsylvania.In memory of my beautiful Timber, best dog ever! I hope this helps save another wonderful dog.
    11/26/21. From Ariella in Massachusetts.
    11/26/21. From Charles in Oregon.
    11/26/21. From Joanne in New York. For Bear, Buddy and Caesar! The best rescues ever!!!!
    11/26/21. From Vicki in Alaska.
    11/26/21. From Karen in Arkansas.
    11/26/21. From Andrew in California. For Jax Hawley.
    11/26/21. From Lynn in Ohio. To Heidi, my sweet girl.
    11/26/21. From Karen and Gary in Connecticut. In loving memory of our “Big Boy” Monty, 11/4/21. We miss you so much handsome. My 2012 foster fail.
    11/26/21. From Tim in Rhode Island. In memory of Monty. He was a good dog.
    11/26/21. From Nancy in Washington.
    11/26/21. From Gary in Connecticut. For Monty.
    11/26/21. From Linda in New York. In loving memory of Cathy Pero.
    11/26/21. From Susan in New Jersey. In honor of Brody, our Great Pyrenees Mix.
    11/26/21. From Eileen in New York.
    11/26/21. From Valerie in Colorado. For Appa.
    11/26/21. From Ross in Tennessee.
    11/26/21. From Sylvia in California. Shilo the Great Pyrenees.
    11/26/21. From Tammy in Ohio. In honor of Cota.
    11/26/21. From Brenda and David in North Carolina. Just adopted Max in NC. Best dog ever!!
    11/26/21. From David in Pennsylvania. In honor of our newest family member Dutch, adopted a month ago!
    11/26/21. From Judith in New Mexico. For Anna & Faust.
    11/26/21. From Paulina in Arizona. To Lindsey the best dog ever!
    11/26/21. From Renate in Tennessee. To love a Great Pyrenees is to want one, ALWAYS! To all the Pyrs that have enriched my life since 1977, when I got my first Pyr puppy….
    11/26/21. From Dinah in Tennessee.
    11/26/21. From Sue in Connecticut.
    11/26/21. From Christy in Texas.
    11/26/21. From Katherine in South Carolina. Prayers for All Pyrs.
    11/26/21. From Kathleen in Montana.
    11/26/21. For my angels – Penelope, Chhaya and Orchid. From Dee in Georgia.
    11/26/21. From Michelle in Michigan.
    11/26/21. AJ and AG Frankel Family Foundation in Connecticut.
    11/26/21. From Amy in Ohio.
    11/26/21. From Holly in New York.
    11/26/21. From Maureen in Pennsylvania. For all the wonderful dogs who are with us now or who have crossed the bridge.
    11/26/21. From Sonya in New York. For Jack.
    11/26/21. From Susan in Kentucky. To Lexi, my first Pyr instilling my love for the breed.