2020 Annual Pyr Appeal

2018 Annual Pyr Appeal


Double Your Donation to Rescue!

We are happy to say we made our year-end fundraising goal! Thank you to everyone who makes it possible to continue our help for so many dogs.  Like so many others, we are looking to 2021 to be a better year for all of us and the dogs we love. 

We don't know where all these dogs come from but we do know they are going home to lead better lives. 2020 has been an outstanding year for adoptions, yet as many dogs as we place, still more are coming in. Many of them are in heartbreaking condition. They have never seen a vet, never lived in a house, never known a kind word or human touch. Taking care of them is expensive and medical costs were up 20%. 

Many of these dogs are neglected seniors, like Naomi (top), found wandering on the road. Or Bruce (bottom),  a young male, whose owners shot him and left him for dead. Poor guy lost his leg but he survived. Read about their abuse and neglect on our Neediest Cases page. Please help us help this breed. Many of them have little hope or comfort, other than rescue.

The Annual Pyr Appeal gives the opportunity to help these dogs and leave a holiday message when you click on the donate box below. Or, send your check and message to National Great Pyrenees Rescue, P.O. Box 214, Maplecrest, NY 12454. We thank everyone who supports rescue throughout the year and especially at this time of giving.

Please save your Paypal receipt as a record of your tax-deductible contribution which will be put to work directly for the dogs. National Great Pyrenees Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and has received a gold star rating from GuideStar USA for non-profit transparency and accountability.

Facebook donors, there is a 2-3 day lag before we receive notice of your donation. If you have donated $25 or more on Facebook and would like to leave a holiday message below, please email us your message which will be added when we post your donation. Everyone else, please click the donate button below to make your donation and leave your message now. Thank you.

Annual Appeal
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    12/31/20. In loving memory of Chelsie, Little Darwin, and Frankie (aka Spirit). From Gloria in Kentucky.
    12/31/20. In remembrance of Lily. From Lorie in New York.
    12/31/20. For Rex. From Ward in Oregon.
    12/31/20. For Montana with thanks from Eve and Chaco! From Eve in California.
    12/31/20. Thank you for all you do for these beautiful babies! From Angela in New York.
    12/31/20. From Maisy. From Debra in Kentucky.
    12/31/20. All the best to all the Pyrs out there 🙂 From Ewa in Connecticut.
    12/31/20. For Cullen and Oliver. From Emily in Massachusetts.
    12/31/20. In honor of Ken and Hugo. A special Thanks to their mom (Apple) for her hard work for this special breed! From Lisa in Kentucky.
    12/31/20. Thank you for all you do! From Elizabeth in Connecticut.
    12/31/20. From Dale, Bella & Jeb. Thank You NGPR for ALL you do! From Suzanne in New Jersey.
    12/31/20. From Bailey. From Holly in Oregon.
    12/31/20. Love from Aria! From Lisa in Pennsylvania.
    12/31/20. From Rebecca in Michigan.
    12/31/20. Thanks for helping these deserving dogs! From Sandra in Michigan.
    12/31/20. From Emily.
    12/31/20. From Lyn in Rhode Island.
    12/31/20. From Irene in New Jersey.
    12/31/20. From Irene in New Jersey.
    12/31/20. From Lisa in Massachusetts.
    12/31/20. For GPR of Montana! Thank you from the Metcalf Family. From Michelle in Washington.
    12/31/20. Thank you for everyone's hard work! From Eunyung in New Jersey.
    12/31/20. From Dana.
    12/31/20. Blessings to all the wonderful volunteers and precious Pyrs in 2021. From Mary in New Mexico.
    12/31/20. From Kathleen in Montana.
    12/31/20. Happy New Year, Pyrs! From Rhondalee in South Carolina.
    12/31/20. From Valerie in Pennsylvania.
    12/31/20. From Valerie in Pennsylvania.
    12/31/20. Thank you for saving these sweet angels. From Nancey in Arizona.
    12/31/20. From Joan in North Carolina.
    12/31/20. From Marlene in Pennsylvania.
    12/30/20. From Reta in Alabama
    12/30/20. In memory of Luke our gentle giant and thanks from Jackie our senior Pyr. From Allen and Jean in Washington.
    12/30/20. Fom Jesse in Montana.
    12/30/20. My Pyr is my soulmate! From Valerie in Colorado.
    12/30/20. From Michelle in Texas.
    12/30/20. From Roger in Pennsylvania
    12/30/20. From Roger in Pennsylvania.
    12/30/20. For GP Rescue MONTANA! Catherine in Montana.
    12/30/20. For Bruce from Kelly, Doug, Becca & Vanessa, & Mandy & Bantam in heaven in Massachusetts.
    12/30/20. From Linda in New York.
    12/30/20. Merry Christmas, Teddy Bear Tree Donation from Carol in Ohio.
    12/30/20. As a "thank you" for the rescuers of Newt and Oakley. From Sally in Missouri.
    12/30/20. From Carla in Pennsylvania.
    12/30/20. From Genevieve in Vermont.
    12/30/20. From Joel in Texas.
    12/30/20. From Harriet in Alabama.
    12/30/20. Happy New Year, Jet! From Jane in Pennsylvania.
    12/30/20. Thank you from Crystal. Janet in New Jersey.
    12/30/20. From Daniel.
    12/30/20. From Daniel.
    12/30/20. From Zada in Dayton. Lori in Ohio.
    12/30/20. From Ann in Florida.
    12/30/20. From Ramona in California.
    12/30/20. From Susan in Connecticut.
    12/30/20. Thanks for all you do! Happy New Year! From Genna in Arkansas.
    12/30/20. Thank you for all that you do. From Ariella in Massachusetts.
    12/30/20. For all our loyal Pyrenees! From Rich in New York.
    12/30/20. Wishing all Pups get a Wonderful Forever Home! Henri & Teddi. From Lynn in Maine.
    12/30/20. For Jet and all the others that need help. From Nancy in Washington.
    12/30/20. From Kimberly in Washington.
    12/30/20. Thank you for saving the fluffies! From Christa in Washington.
    12/30/20. Happy New Year. Nancy in Colorado.
    12/30/20. From Randy in Arkansas.
    12/30/20. From our Great Pyr- Deano. Beth in Ohio.
    12/30/20. Praying that all Pyrs are safe this New Year! From Barbara in Mississippi.
    12/29/20. From Kim in New York.
    12/30/20. From Ruth in Oregon.
    12/30/20. From Jane in Pennsylvania.
    12/30/20. For Penny in Iowa. From Kristy.
    12/29/20. Thank you to all the volunteers for the amazing work you do to give these beautiful dogs a second chance. From Sunny and Lancelot in Maryland.
    12/29/20. From Steve in Washington.
    12/29/20. From Leonardo in New Jersey.
    12/29/20. You ALL ROCK!!!. From Mike in Massachusetts.
    12/29/20. Happy new year from Lincoln, Jack, and Jane in Michigan.
    12/29/20. Wishing all a Pyrfect year of good health and safety in 2021. From Nicole in Florida.
    12/29/20. Thanks for all you do and our prayers to the neediest, Love the Greene family Max/Everest in Niagara Falls, New York.
    12/28/20. From Barbara in Delaware.
    12/28/20. Happy New Year from Sam and owner Wendy in Central New York.
    12/28/20. For Montana. From Judy.
    12/28/20. Happy New Year! From Ruth in New York.
    12/28/20. Happy New Year to all Pyrs and families!! From Saylor, Deb and Mell in Pennsylvania.
    12/28/20. On behalf of Marzie, adopted in 2016. From Maldaner Family in California.
    12/28/20. From Judy in Utah.
    12/28/20. From DogsLife in Virginia.
    12/28/20. From Matt in New Jersey.
    12/28/20. From Marcy and Craig in Maine.
    12/28/20. Cheryl and Joseph in Connecticut.
    12/28/20. From Lily in Maryland.
    12/28/20. Love from rescued Rain. Donna in New York.
    12/28/20. From Crystal (Sprite, a NGPR alumna), Denali and Jasper. Maureen in Pennsylvania.
    12/28/20. From Teresa in Massachusetts.
    12/28/20. From Gary in California.
    12/28/20. In honor of Steve Kalko and his help with Charlie. Tony in New York
    12/28/20. Holiday Cheer From Zornitsa in Colardo.
    12/28/20. From Brigatta.
    12/28/20. From Maureen in Pennsylvania.
    12/27/20. For our missed loves Clifford, Calvin, Shadow and Maggie from Wayne and Vickie. John in Illinois.
    12/27/20. From Carol in Pennsylvania.
    12/27/20. From Chris.
    12/27/20. For the Fluffies. From Charles in Illinois.
    12/27/20. From Suma in Utah.
    12/27/20. Best dogs ever. To a better 2021. From Jeff in New Jersey.
    12/27/20. From Edward in Maryland.
    12/27/20. So thankful for our rescue from August and hope a better year for all! From Dean in South Carolina.
    12/27/20. From Keri in Massachusetts.
    12/27/20. On Behalf of "Merry," our adopted Great Pyr. From Tracy in Tennessee.
    12/27/20. From our rescued Pyrador, Nellie. From Laura in Pennsylvania.
    12/27/20. From Mark in Nova Scotia.
    12/27/20. From B & P in Ohio!
    12/27/20. From Sharon and Lyric in Michigan.
    12/27/20. From Robert in Illinois.
    12/27/20. Bless you! From Michael in North Carolina.
    12/27/20. Thanks for Luna and Nana who are now at home in Michigan. From Stephanie in Michigan.
    12/27/20. My rescue Pyr is my joy. From Charlotte in Oregon.
    12/27/20. Many Blessings to all of you. From Laura in Nevada.
    12/27/20. From Ann in Rhode Island.
    12/27/20. From Carol in Florida.
    12/27/20. From Chewie. From Deborah in Virginia.
    12/27/20. Merry Christmas with thanks from Rory,an alum! From Cathrine in New York.
    12/27/20. From Michael in Washington, D.C.
    12/27/20. Love. From Emily in North Carolina.
    12/27/20. From Bailey. From Holly in Oregon.
    12/27/20. From Susan.
    12/27/20. From Bella in Maryland.
    12/27/20. Here's to a better next year for all the dogs. Barbara and Tom in New York.
    12/27/20. In honor of Rufus and Princess and all Pyrs. The Konvitz's in California.
    12/27/20. For GPRO and NGPR. From Pam in Oklahoma.
    12/27/20. From Marie in North Carolina.
    12/27/20. From Stephanie in New York.
    12/27/20. From Sampson, Pumpkin, and Dog Dad in Virginia.
    12/27/20. From Jeanine in Utah.
    12/27/20. From Joel in Massachusetts.
    12/27/20. If Frosty needs a forever home, I need a forever puppy! Colin in New Jersey.
    12/27/20. From Dawn in Colorado.
    12/27/20. Christmas blessings from the Pyrenees of Green Eggs Dairy. Julie in Georgia
    12/27/20. Happy holiday from Caly! Andrew.
    12/27/20. Thank you for helping these pups and my girl Gabby! Shawnna in New York.
    12/27/20. From Naomi in Massachusetts.
    12/27/20. From Elizabeth in Connecticut.
    12/26/20. From Candace and Stuart in Virginia.
    12/26/20. From Birgit in Maryland.
    12/24/20. From Sarah.
    12/24/20. For the pups that just come in. From Rick in Tennessee.
    12/24/20.From Donna.
    12/24/20. Thank you to all that you do for these beautiful babies. Brenda in New Jersey.
    12/23/20. A dog is the only thing that loves you more than he loves himself. From Marv and Elsie in New York.
    12/23/20. For Janice from Larry and Mary in Kentucky.
    12/23/20. From Claire in New Jersey.
    12/23/20. From the Spears for Montana.
    12/21/20. In memory of Shelia Oxley's mom who recently passed away. Lynn in New York.
    12/22/20. In remembrance of littermates Max and Sonny. After a challenges in year 1 the angels were spoiled the remaining 13. The return on investment was immeasurable, will love you fur-ever. Rennie in Texas.
    12/21/20. From Mary Lou, Bruce, Tinker and Snow in Pennsylvania.
    12/21/20. From Susan and Bill in California.
    12/20/20. From Anna in Minnesota.
    12/19/20. For Great Pyr Rescue MT. From Carole in Montana.
    12/19/20. From Anne.
    12/18/20. From Marc in New Hampshire.
    12/18/20. Thanks for our wonderful Annie and all you do! From Michelle in Michigan.
    12/17/20. From Sasha in New Jersey.
    12/17/20. Merry Christmas, Shannon. From Stephanie in West Virginia.
    12/17/20. Merry Christmas from the Roy pack in Ohio!
    12/16/20. In honor of Jennifer. Michael in Connecticut.
    12/15/20. For Harley. Thank you for helping her. Hilary.
    12/14/20. in memory of Moon. Thomas in Michigan.
    12/14/20. Thanks to Jackson, my first Pyr, for being such a good boy. Billie in Tennessee.
    12/14/20. From Alicia in New York.
    12/14/20. In memory of Homer and Bandit. Melissa in New York.
    12/13/20. Thank you for Duke (even though he's a Dachshund) and Dixie. They are very loved and very spoiled. The Campbells of Massachusetts.
    12/13/20. We love our rescue Pyr. From the Teitelbaums in Connecticut.
    12/13/20. From Daniel and Tempra in Idaho.
    12/13/20. Please let my small gift be designated for your efforts in the Dayton area. Susan in Ohio.
    12/13/20. Happy Holidays to all Pyr owners. From Thorsten in California.
    12/13/20. From Gail in New Jersey.
    12/13/20. For my lovely Lucy. Miss you. From Tina in Texas.
    12/13/20. From Judith in Pennsylvania.
    12/13/20. Happy Holidays from Sara Ochs in Albany, New York.
    12/13/20. From Karen in Kansas.
    12/13/20. Thank you to all the NGPR volunteers who go above & beyond to save these beautiful pups. Merry Xmas & prayers for a better year ahead. From Grace, Katie, Sebastian & Grady in South Carolina.
    12/13/20. From Francisca in Mexico.
    12/12/20. From Karl in Pennsylvania.
    12/11/20. In memory of Bo for Diane & Erik. Happy Christmas. Charlene in California.
    12/11/20. From June in New Jersey.
    12/11/20. Happy Holidays from Buddy! Peter in Rhode Island.
    12/11/20. From Mai in Virginia.
    12/10/20. Good Boy! From Roger in Oregon.
    12/10/20. Merry Christmas in your forever home, Luna Kandybowicz, from the VonBehrens in Massachusetts.
    12/10/20. From Louise in Arizona.
    12/8/20. From Jaelyn.
    12/7/20. From Robert in Virginia.
    12/6/20. Thank you volunteers who work so tirelessly for these amazing animals! We adore our two rescue pyrs we got from Oklahoma. From Mary in New Mexico.
    12/6/20. From Lynn in New York.
    12/5/20. We would like to donate to our local group here in the MD area with much Love from Bear, Gracie and the Krauth Family.
    12/4/20. In memory of our boy Rufus. From Wanda and Patricia in North Carolina.
    12/4/20. In memory of our boy Rufus. From Wanda and Patricia in North Carolina.
    12/4/20. From Kolleen in Oregon.
    12/4/20. From Kelly in Ohio.
    12/3/20. May every dog have a safe home. From Doug in Iowa.
    12/2/20. From Courtney.
    12/2/20. Thank you for all you do for these kind, loving dogs. From JoAnn in Utah.
    12/2/20. From Jane in New Jersey.
    12/2/20. From Steve in Washington.
    12/2/20. From Ariella in Massachusetts.
    12/2/20. From Traci in Texas.
    12/2/20. Thank you for your wonderful work. I have adopted 2 GPs from NGPR. They are my angels from heaven. From Jasmin in Washington.
    12/2/20. Merry Christmas & Thank You! From Carrie in Iowa.
    12/2/20. Love Teddy, Zoe and Benito… my 3 rescues. From Vanda in Arizona.
    12/2/20. God's grace and blessings to all. From Donna in New York.
    12/1/20. From Chris in New York.
    Facebook 12/1/20. From Linda and Destinie.
    Facebook 12/1/20. From Julie, Carol and Peg.
    Facebook 12/1/20. From Lorraine, Benji, Phyllis, Kathy, Mary, Jessica and Blain.
    Facebook 12/1/20. From Rochelle, Susan, Pam, Emily and Grace.
    Facebook 12/1/20. From Kathleen, Lynn, Teresa, Nancy, Amy, Tammy, Erica, Diane, Alison, Linda, Sarah, Helen Carole, Mary and Lea.
    Facebook 12/1/20. From Susan, Marguerite,  Joanne, Wendy, Barb, Kate, Kristen, Carole, Rebecca, Natalie, Michael. Suzanne, Julia, Bruce, Melissa, Anne, Frances, Camilla, Cheryl, Deborah, Andrea,Susan, Rhondda, Rebecca, Kathy, Lisa and Shannon.
    11/30/20. In honor of Samson Ezra. From Ruth in New York.
    Facebook 12/1/20. From John and Gina.
    12/1/20. Happy holidays to all!. From Teresa in Washington.
    12/1/20. Thank you for saving these beautiful babies. From Angela in New York.
    12/1/20. Thank you for helping me find a loving home—Sam the Pyr. From Cynthia in Nevada.
    12/1/20. Sending prayers to all these beautiful dogs. Your work and dedication to this wonderful breed is such a blessing. In memory of my big boy Koda. Thank you for all you do. From Lori in Florida.
    12/1/20. Happy Holidays to all the NGPR Pyrs. From Dee in Georgia.
    12/1/20. From Sarah in New York.
    12/1/20. From Melissa in Ohio.
    12/1/20. In memory of all my beautiful rescues, Gunnar, Bear, Estella, Pilot and Bella. And in hopes of another wonderful rescue coming soon! From Elizabeth in Missouri.
    12/1/20. Big hugs and lots of love from Mr. Barkley, Jack Riley, and Nadia. From Michele in Kentucky.
    12/1/20. Wishing forever homes for all the Pyrs! From Julia in Ohio.
    12/1/20. From Janice in Pennsylvania.
    12/1/20. Happy holidays to my fellow Pyrs—Thor. From Bob in North Carolina.
    12/1/20. Gratitude for what you do. From Carole in Vermont.
    12/1/20. Love from Skippy in CT. From Jodi in Connecticut.
    12/1/20. Lacey, the Princess Pyr and her loving family in Maine send warm holiday wishes to all. From Camilla in Maine.
    12/1/20. We love our 2 Pyrs. From Gail in Massachusetts.
    12/1/20. From Jack, the best dog ever! Susan in New York.
    12/1/20. Happy holidays! From Keri in Massachusetts.
    12/1/20. Hope you all find new forever home. From Edward in Maryland.
    12/1/20. From Leonardo in New Jersey.
    12/1/20. In memory of Penne, our rescue, who was small but mighty with a big heart. She is missed. From Laura in New Hampshire.
    12/1/20. Happy holidays to all the wonderful dedicated lovers of Great Pyrenees. Mary in Georgia.
    12/1/20. This donation is from our rescue Pyrs to yours! From Thomas in Virginia.
    12/1/20. Sending warm holiday wishes from Brandi, Rumpole and Isla in Massachusetts.
    12/1/20. From Sandy in New York.
    12/1/20. From Bandit and Lady in Massachusetts!
    12/1/20. For Naomi from Naomi in Vermont.
    12/1/20. From Sugar the Pyr you helped find her forever home in North Carolina.
    12/1/20. Be well, and feel our love. From Lynlee in Pennsylvania.
    12/1/20. From Nancy in Connecticut.
    12/1/20. In loving memory of Fluffy. From Carol in New York.
    12/1/20. From Nicole in Maryland..
    12/1/20. With love to all Pyrs and their Rescuers. From Daphnis and Chloe in New York.
    12/1/20. Merry Christmas from Paddington and Hannah in Kansas!
    12/1/20. To Better Days. From Kathy in Michigan.
    12/1/20. From The Matthews in Texas and our sweet rescue Pyr, Bella (a December 2021 calendar pup!)
    12/1/20. Donated on behalf of Scamp! From William in Virginia.
    12/1/20. From Angela in Kentucky.
    12/1/20. From Kristin in Ohio.
    12/1/20. From Anonymous in Colorado.
    12/1/20. Happy Pawlidays, Love Arthur and Olive in Texas.
    12/1/20. From Christy in Louisiana.
    12/1/20. From William in Alabama.
    12/1/20. From Colleen in New Hampshire.
    12/1/20. Donated on behalf of Scamp! From Mary in Virginia.
    12/1/20. From Kristin in Rhode Island.
    12/1/20. Praying for all in your care, especially Naomi. Anjilla in Michigan.
    12/1/20. Peace and Love. From Katherine in Wisconsin.
    12/1/20. From Sarah in Georgia.
    12/1/20. From Aurora in Tennessee.
    12/1/20. From Clancy in Connecticut.
    12/1/20.Thanks you for allowing us to rescue Bailey (Stella). She grew our love for this breed into rescuing another (Apollo). Hopefully next year will see us rescuing a third. Thank you and Happy Holidays! From Sarah in Massachusetts.
    12/1/20. From our rescue Pyr, Bear to all in need. From Chris in North Carolina.
    12/1/20. From Mary in North Carolina.
    12/1/20. We love supporting this wonderful organization. Love, The Urann Pack in Massachusetts.
    12/1/20. Happy Holidays! From Deborah in Connecticut.
    12/1/20. From Clancy in Connecticut.
    12/1/20. Merry Christmas from Bob and Sue, Duncan and Denali (formerly Ava) Buffalo NY
    12/1/20. From Clary and Quinn in Pennsylvania.
    12/1/20. There is hope! Says rescue dog Daisy. From Erika in Utah.
    12/1/20. From Jane in Rhode Island.
    12/1/20. From Rita in Florida
    12/1/20. An Xmas donation from Tom, Caren, Hayden, Geoffrey & Zoe in honor of Mrs. Sharon Conner. From Thomas.
    12/1/20. From Fannie-Thank you. From Suzanne in Michigan.
    12/1/20. Thanks for all you do we have our Orson(bear) thanks to you. He is a treasure. From Jennifer in Michigan.
    12/1/20. From Johnnie in Kentucky.
    12/1/20. From Sarah in Texas.
    12/1/20. From Chris in Connecticut.
    12/1/20. Thank you for your work on behalf of this noble breed!. From Marjorie in Wisconsin.
    12/1/20. In loving memory of our sweet Ellie. From Michael in Colorado.
    12/1/20. Thanks for rescuing me and finding me a fantastic home! Titan in Pennsylvania.
    12/1/20. For Montana Pyr Rescue, In loving memory of my wife Susan. Michael in Ohio.
    12/1/20. From Melissa in Maryland.
    12/1/20. Love & 'woof'. xox From Kimberly in Michigan.
    12/1/20. From Joel in Massachusetts.
    12/1/20. Thank you! From Doreen in New York.
    12/1/20. Poppy wants to wish Merry Christmas to all. From Jane in New York.
    12/1/20. In loving memory of Michael Hunzeker. From Lauren in Iowa.
    12/1/20. From Richard in New York.
    12/1/20. In memory of Galahad. From Stephen in Kentucky.
    12/1/20. Happy Holidays. From Lindsey in Michigan.
    12/1/20. Thank you! From Eunyung in New Jersey.
    12/1/20. Merry Christmas! From Chris in Pennsylvania.
    12/1/20. Happy Holidays from NGPR alum Hazel (formerly Ginger). From Amanda in Kentucky.
    12/1/20. No more homeless animals! From Josilyn in Arizona.
    12/1/20. From Sydney. Kerrie in Virginia.
    12/1/20. For Lolly, love you forever. From Deb in Massachusetts.
    12/1/20. May all your Christmases (& dogs) be white! From Scott in New Jersey.
    12/1/20. In memory of my Angel. From JoAnne in Pennsylvania.
    12/1/20. With love from Lily and Winston in Wisconsin. From Daniel in Wisconsin.
    12/1/20. Merry Christmas to All!. Billie in Tennessee.
    12/1/20. Happy Howlidays! Thank you for all you do for these beautiful dogs! Barbara in Mississippi.
    12/1/20. In memory of my first rescued and adopted Pyrs. Carol in Pennsylvania.
    12/1/20. Merry Christmas from Shannon, Jedi and Carly in Maryland.
    12/1/20. In memory of my past pups. Kathy in Massachusetts.
    12/1/20. In memory of Zowie. Elizabeth in Ohio.
    12/1/20. With love from Sully in Buchanan Michigan.
    12/1/20. From Danielle in New Jersey.
    12/1/20. From Chuck in Oregon.
    12/1/20. Thank you everyone for all your hard work and dedication. Happy Holidays from Nethou and Phoenix in Delaware.
    12/1/20. Merry Christmas. From Matt in Maryland.
    12/1/20. From Elizabeth in Massachusetts.
    12/1/20. From Lynn in Ohio.
    12/1/20. In memory of Callum (Lawrence) from Lynn and Malcolm (Whistler) and Solomon. From Malynda in New Hampshire.
    12/1/20. In memory of my girls, who wait for me. Penny in Georgia.
    12/1/20. In memory of Miss Genevieve. From Kathleen.
    12/1/20. From Kim in Virginia.
    11/30/20. Teddy Roosevelt, Sadie Belle, Ruby Grace & Baxter Oliver wish everyone a happy holiday season. From Ray & Melissa in Ohio.
    11/30/20. From Jessie in Montana.
    11/30/20. Happy Holidays Angel. From Joseph in North Carolina.
    11/30/20. From Ken in New Jersey.
    11/30/20. Thank you for all you do to help these beautiful creatures!. From Ann in Tennessee.
    11/29/20. From Daniel.
    11/28/20. From Matt in Texas.
    11/29/20. For Boca's expenses – she didn't deserve the life she was given. From Celeste in Louisiana.
    11/29/20. From Theo in New York.
    11/28/20. Findley, Duke, Christine & Gerry in Wilmington OH wish everyone a Wonderful Christmas! From Gerald in Ohio.
    11/28/20. Remembering Seamus, Riley, Shannon & Doogan, the best Pyrs as well as Kira, the happy Newf! From Joanne in Pennsylvania.
    11/28/20. Thank you and Happy Holidays from Sam, Wendy & Sadie in OH. From Wendy in Ohio.
    11/28/20. Love from Molly in AZ. From Elaine in Arizona.
    11/28/20. Merry Christmas season …Duncan, Dakota and Lola in RI. From Pam in Rhode Island.
    11/27/20. Love from Princess! From JoAnn in Oregon.
    11/27/20. Special thanks to NGPR for helping us with Blizzard's Lyme vaccine detox. A special thanks to Steve Kalko. From Tamara in New York.
    11/27/20. Have a Merry Pyr Christmas! From Patricia in Oklahoma.
    11/27/20. Merry Christmas! Thank you for all you do! Luna and Fargo! From Gail and Allen in Arizona.
    11/27/20. I have 3 rescues. Two of them are NPR alumni. I fostered both and failed. Thanks for saving them. From Frances in Tennessee.
    11/27/20. Bless you for what you do. From Vicki in Alaska.
    11/27/20. In memory of our sweet Gabe, rescue, who passed away 11/9/20. In honor of Ruby, (rescue Pyr too!) who at 11 1/2, is still with us! From Debra in Pennsylvania.
    11/27/20. In memory of my lovely Cappy girl who waits on the Rainbow Bridge. From Ellen in New York.
    11/27/20. Merry X-mas & blessings for Pyrfect 2021. The Stockton family. From Maria in Texas.
    11/27/20. From Molly and Cooper in New York.
    11/27/20. From Lily in Maryland.
    11/27/20. Cassidy and Gibbs send their love for all you did for them and all you do for all the others! From Norma in Washington.
    11/27/20. Blessings. From Michael in North Carolina.
    11/27/20. Thank you to Jill in Michigan for all she does to foster this wonderful breed. Thanks to Heather in Tennessee for enabling me to adopt Colleen. She is my joy. From Lesley in Tennessee.
    11/27/20. Hoping that all Pyrs find the loving home they so deserve. From Nora in Pennsylvania.
    11/27/20. From Bailey in Oregon. Holly.
    11/27/20. From Ross in Tennessee.
    11/27/20. Happy Holidays NGPR! From Michael in California.
    11/27/20. Thankful for NGPR! Ralphie in NY. From Pati in New York.
    11/27/20. Love them all. Let's save them all! From Debra in Colorado.
    11/27/20. From Amy in Maryland.
    11/27/20. From Ira in Connecticut
    11/27/20. Thank you for what you do every day of the year. From Peg in Florida.
    11/27/20. Thank you all for taking care of these pupu!! From Terry in Tennessee.
    11/27/20. Layla Lou *woof* xox. Kimberly in Michigan.
    11/27/20. Merry Christmas from Titus and Caspar to those Pys that I fostered. From Susan in Kentucky.
    11/27/20. From Janine in Utah.
    11/27/20. From Lisa and Ray in Massachusetts.
    11/27/20. From my TImber, who was rescued from Texas and will be 11 soon, Happy Howlidays. Pat in Pennsylvania.
    11/27/20. Love my adopted Pyrs, all 3! From Lawrence in Illinois.
    11/27/20. From Susan in Virginia.
    11/27/20. From Erika in Colorado.
    11/27/20. Crystal and friends say Hi! Maureen in Pennsylvania.
    11/27/20. From Steve in New York.
    11/27/20. Happy Holidays from Dover (formerly Cade). John in Chicago.
    11/27/20. In honor of my two Pyrs and every Pyr there is! Michael in Colorado.
    11/27/20. Merry Christmas From Zoey & Zorro! Chuck and Tami.
    11/27/20. Love my pyrs. Fran in Georgia