2018 Annual Pyr Appeal

2018 Annual Pyr Appeal

Thank You and Happy New Year.
We Made Our Goal!

This is what rescue is. This is what rescue takes. New Year's update on the Great Pyrenees Rescue Society. (Clockwise from top left) Brayley in Texas has survived the first round of patella surgery on her malformed knees. She hates the  huge *!#**#! cone but should now be accustomed to it for round two on her other knee in January. Harrowing week moving dogs from Texas to the West Coast. Moving slow on I-40 through New Mexico in a snowstorm means big delays for fosters and adopters waiting for dogs in Oregon and Washington. Back on track Saturday with dogs being delivered in Eugene and Newberg.

The Annual Pyr Appeal helps our neediest cases and other Pyrs coast to coast. We are so close to making our year-end funding goal. Please consider making a donation to NGPR and leaving a holiday message below. We have many dogs in rescue and the sheer number of urgent dogs at shelters has made boarding costs soar. Pulling a dog from a shelter is only the beginning. Some dogs are with us for only a few weeks but others are with us for months.

Please save your Paypal receipt as a record of your tax-deductible contribution which will be put to work directly for the dogs. National Great Pyrenees Rescue is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit and has received a gold star rating from GuideStar USA for non-profit transparency and accountability. 

Please enter your message and click on the donate box below or send your check and message to National Great Pyrenees Rescue, P.O. Box 214, Maplecrest, NY 12454. We thank everyone who supports us throughout the year and especially at this time of giving.

*There is time lag between making a donation on Facebook and Facebook notifying us of who and how much the donation is for. Names, amounts and messages will be added to this page as soon as we receive them from Facebook.

Annual Appeal
Enter Your Holiday Message

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    12/31/18. From Jeanne & Thomas in California.
    12/31/18. From Susan in Ohio.
    12/31/18. From Michael in Washington, D.C.
    12/31/18. From Carol in Pennsylvania!
    12/31/18. From Jamie.
    12/31/18. From Mary Lee in Maine.
    12/31/18. From Matt and Cyndi in Idaho.
    12/31/18. From Ruth in Maryland.
    12/31/18. From Angela in Kentucky.
    12/31/18. From the Andrew J and Anita G. Frankel Family Foundation in Connecticut.
    12/31/18. From Deborah in Kentucky.
    12/31/18. From Wanda and Pat in North Carolina.
    12/31/18. From Tempra and Daniel in Idaho.
    12/31/18. From Daniel in New York.
    12/31/18. From Pam in Ohio.
    12/31/18. Happy New year to all our Pyr pups! From Brian in New York.
    12/31/18. Pyrs are the best! From Ewa in Connecticut.
    12/31/18. Happy New Year and thanks for all you do! From Traci in Virginia.
    12/31/18. From Debbie in Montana.
    12/31/18. In honor of my wonderful Pyratolian, Sam adopted nearly two years ago. Wendy in New York.
    12/31/18. peace and love. Sherry in Missouri.
    12/31/18. For my best friend Rex. From Ward in Oregon.
    12/31/18. Thank You Apple for all you do! From Lisa in Kentucky.
    12/31/18. Happy New Year and thanks for all you do! From Tracey in Arkansas.
    12/31/18. From Charlotte in Washington.
    12/31/18. From Amy in Ohio.
    12/31/18. Save them all. From Nancy in Arizona.
    12/31/18. From Bob and Tulah in Oregon.
    12/31/18. On behalf of Atticus, Rapha, Max and Buddy. From Ed in Virginia.
    12/31/18. From Amy in Pennsylvania.
    12/31/18. From Joanne in Pennsylvania.
    12/31/18. From Kerry in Maine.
    12/31/18. From Michael in Maine.
    12/31/18. From Kelly, Vanessa, & Becca in Massachusetts. In loving memory of Mandy and Bantam.
    12/31/18. From Jack, Jane, and Lincoln in Michigan.
    12/31/18. From Jonah & his mom and dad, Mary & Tom.
    12/31/18. From Wanda in Missouri.
    12/31/18. Happy Holidays to all the pyr pups, but especially the babies at New Beginnings kennel! May the new year bring lots of happiness and love to all the pyrs! Love, Kat!
    12/30/18. Yukon sends his love to all Pyrs everywhere. From James in Washington.
    12/30/18. n memory of our precious Winston. From Paul and Christina in Georgia.
    12/30/18. Love, Jen in New York.
    12/30/18. In honor of Joe and Susan. From Meg and Mark.
    12/31/18. From Linda in New Jersey.
    12/30/18. William and Judith in Pennsylvania.
    12/30/18. In memory of our too soon departed dogs. Heide in Oregon.
    12/30/18. From Gabrielle in New Jersey.
    12/30/18. gotta love pyrs! we sure love our two rescues. From Mary in New Mexico.
    12/30/18. With the very best of wishes to alll in NGPR and Pyrs now and throughout the New Year. From Carol in Pennsylvania.
    12/30/18. Wishing you all a Blessed New Year! From Carol in Pennsylvania.
    12/30/18. Donation for GPRS Texas. Thanks for all the work you do Anne in Texas.
    12/30/18. Thinking of all of the Great Pyrs in Montana. Carol in Montana.
    12/30/18. From Lucy in Kentucky.
    12/30/18. Bless you for your work. From Sharon in Kansas.
    12/30/18. From Thorsten in California.
    12/30/18. From Angela in Washington.
    12/30/18. From Christine in Washington.
    12/30/18. From Sabine in North Carolina.
    12/29/18. From Jan in Virginia.
    12/29/18. From David in Virginia.
    12/28/18. From Susie in Washington.
    12/28/18. From Brenda in New Jersey.
    12/28/18. From Chris.
    12/27/18. I wish I had room for them all! But Dakota is the latest addition—sweet, well mannered and just needs some TLC. My thanks for saving these wonderful animals. From Pam in Rhode Island.
    12/27/18. To love a Pyr is to want one, always… From Renate in Tennessee.
    12/27/18. In honor of our Dakota and in memory of Rylie. Kathleen in California.
    12/27/18. From Cheryl in Oklahoma.
    12/27/18. From Debbie and Maisy, my Pyr Border Collie mix.
    12/27/18. Wishing and Hoping that every dog finds a good loving home! Riitta in Florida.
    12/27/18. From Karen in Tennessee.
    12/27/18. From the Gallo Family Foundation.
    12/27/18. Merry Christmas, may the New Year find loving homes for all. From Norma and my two rescues, Cassidy and Ian.
    12/27/18. From Maureen in New Jersey.
    12/27/18. For Tommy, adopted as a senior and loved deeply by all. Janine in Utah.
    12/27/18. From Crystal and her family, both canine and human. Maureen in PA.
    12/27/18. Thank you NGPR rescue and all the hard working volunteers for your great work to help all the fur babies in need. Because of your hard work I am spoiled rotten xo. With Love from Aria Kelly in PA.
    12/27/18. In loving memory of Jackson, my first Pyr. Billie in Tennessee.
    12/27/18. With love from our NGPYR Panda the Pyr in Montana.
    12/25/18. From Brandon.
    12/24/18. From Michelle.
    12/24/18. In honor of John Anton. From Susan.
    12/24/18. From Keri in Massachusetts.
    12/23/18. For Maureen and George in memory of Mattie. Bonnie in New Jersey.
    12/23/18. From Sharleen in Massachusetts.
    12/22/18. From Rose in Texas.
    12/22/18. From Gail.
    12/20/18. For the kennel. From Joan in Indiana.
    12/21/18. From Kathleen in South Carolina.
    12/20/18. In memory of Margie Griesi who loved all sorts of animals, great and small. From Ms. Delizo-Jasper in Connecticut.
    12/20/18. From Sasha in New Jersey.
    12/18/18. From Eli.
    12/19/18. From Sally in New York.
    12/18/18. From Janet in New Jersey.
    12/18/18. In memory of Kaleo, our rescue who lived to 16! From Ramona in California.
    12/18/18. From all my Pyrs, past and present; for all Pyr rescues present and future. From Elizabeth in Massachusetts.
    12/18/18. For Hunter. From Anita and Paul in Michigan.
    12/17/18. In memory of Murphy. From Nancy and Bob in New York.
    12/17/18. From Jasmine in Washington.
    12/18/18. From Louise in Arizona.
    12/17/18. From Mary and the pack in Maryland.
    12/17/18. Kudos to you for helping all the Pyrs! Deborah in Connecticut.
    12/17/18. From Kona and Miko…while remembering Yeti. Alan in Oregon.
    12/17/18. Merry Christmas from Winston…adopted in 2006. Michael in Ohio.
    12/16/18. From Nancy in Colorado.
    12/15/18. From Joseph and Cheryl in Connecticut.
    12/15/18. From Helene and Ashlyn in New Jersey.
    12/15/18. From John, Gina and Trigger, former rescue from National Great Pyrenees.
    12/15/18. For all of our beautiful angels may they find peace and love. Mary Ann in New York.
    12/14/18. From Michael in Ohio. In Memory of Bandit & Isabella.
    12/14/18. Happy Holidays from our Family to yours! Dan, Michelle, Richard, Grace, Sonny, Lily, Owen and Ernie Dines
    12/14/18. Merry Christmas from Mutt n Jeff, Molly,Falkor and Athena..Ohio Pyr Pack!
    12/13/18. For Sue. From Jane in Colorado.
    12/11/18. From Charlotte in Oregon.
    12/11/18. Thanks for all you do to help these beautiful souls! From Diane in California.
    12/11/18. Love to all the wonderful Great Pyrenees! Doug, Cassandra, Jasmine and Sadie Rose in east Tennessee.
    12/11/18. From Martin in New York.
    12/11/18. Merry Christmas to all. From Lili in New Jersey.
    12/11/18. From Philip in Oregon.
    12/10/18. To A Bright New Year – Healthy and Happy. From Jim in Delaware.
    12/10/18. From Laura in Pennsylvania.
    12/10/18. This small gift is given in memory of brothers Buddy & Cody Pyr/St. mixes who 1st introduced us to this wonderful breed. From Barb and Marty in Pennsylvania.
    12/10/18. From Phillip in Oregon.
    12/10/18. I look up and I see God I look down and see my dog. From Fran in Tennessee.
    12/10/18. For the Montana Rescue. Magge in Montana.
    12/9/18. From Richard in New York.
    12/9/18. From Cameron and Snowball, 2 GREAT Pyrenees. Mark in California.
    12/9/18. God Bless You for all you do for these sweet babies! From Karthik in Massachusetts.
    12/9/18. Holiday Greetings to All Rescue Dogs. Mark in Connecticut.
    12/9/18. From Sandra in New Hampshire.
    12/9/18. For all the Great Pyrenees Fluffies to help them until they get their own forever homes. From JC in Utah and my big fluffy rescue Avalondee who is now my service dog. Jeanette in Utah.
    12/9/18. Let's give them back the love they have given out over the years. They deserve our kindness and caring. From Jane in New Jersey.
    12/9/18. Bless you for what you do for these beautiful gifts from God! Kim in Washington.
    12/9/18. Hope Hunter feels better soon. Mary in Massachusetts.
    12/9/18. From Nancy in Pennsylvania.
    12/9/18. God From Richard in New York.
    12/9/18. From Cameron and Snowball, 2 GREAT Pyrenees. Mark in California.
    12/9/18. God Bless You for all you do for these sweet babies! From Karthik in Massachusetts.
    12/9/18. Holiday Greetings to All Rescue Dogs. Mark in Connecticut.
    12/9/18. Hope this will help sweet Hunter. Catherine in Ohio.
    12/9/18. Merry Christmas! From Billie in Nashville.
    12/9/18. God Bless You for all you do for these sweet babies! From Kelley in Oklahoma.
    12/9/18. Please use as you see fit. They all need help. From Wayne in New Jersey.
    12/9/18. From Bentley & Dolly for fellow rescue pups. Jennifer in Ohio.
    12/9/18. Get well Hunter from Sansa, Bella and Teddy in Texas.
    12/9/18. Thank you for saving so many. From Vincent in Florida.
    12/9/18. From Amy in Pennsylvania.
    12/7/18. From Roger.
    12/7/18. From Mary, Susan, Anna and Marci on Facebook.
    12/7/18. From Suzanne, Vaunena, Brian, Kerri, John, Andrei, Chuck, Kate, Ann, Linda, Pat, Cecilia on Facebook.
    12/7/18. For Hunter. From Robin.
    12/7/18. In memory of Marvelous Marvel. From Jane in Michigan.
    12/6/18. Dog picked up from Greenville shelter. From Jackson.
    12/6/18. From Carol in Washington.
    12/4/18. This donation is made in honor of Neale. From Hope.
    12/6/18. We love our GP Frankie. Thank you for supporting these beautiful dogs! From Sarah in Virginia.
    12/1/18. Keep up the great work! I got my Finn from you guys! Love him to death! Happy Holidays!! Ivette in New York.
    12/3/18. Thank you NGPR for all the good you do! From Kelly in New York.
    11/30/18. Have a wonderful Christmas. Barbara in New Jersey.
    11/30/18. From Luke & Jack in Washington.
    11/30/18. In honor of Gonzo. Schmuhl Family Foundation .
    11/29/18. Thank you for all you do from my rescue Daisy. Erica in Utah.
    11/29/18. Holiday Blessings to everyone at NGPR and a heartfelt thank you for all you do! From Wendy in Ohio.
    11/28/18. Love you all, we have two Pyrs. From Pam in Virginia.
    11/27/18. From Ward in New Jersey.
    11/27/18. For GPRO. From Wanda and Pat in North Carolina.
    11/27/18.From Wanda and Pat in North Carolina.
    11/27/18. From Chris in New York.
    11/27/18. From Chris in New York.
    11/27/18. From Suzy in Oklahoma.
    11/27/18. From Carol in New York.
    11/27/18. From Paula and Sal in Rhode Island.
    11/27/18. From Suzanne in New York.
    11/27/18. From Mona in Maine.
    11/27/18. From Brenda in New Jersey.
    11/27/18. From Carol in Pennsylvania.
    11/27/18. From Patricia in Pennsylvania.
    11/27/18. From Michael in Ohio.
    11/27/18. From Tamar.
    11/27/18. From Lorraine.
    11/27/18. From Sue.
    11/27/18. From Marcy in New Jersey.
    11/27/18. From Lori.
    11/27/18. From Kye.
    11/27/18. From Gerry in Massachusetts.
    11/27/18. From Barb in Pennsylvania.
    11/27/18. From Nadja.
    11/27/18. From Andrei.
    11/27/18. Facebook Donations $50 – 99. Thank you Blain, Jessica, Maria, Victoria, Ruth, Ann, Cici, Joanne, Stella, Shawna, Kayla, Morgan, Pamela, Jane, Grace, Teresa, Ann, Nikki, Ali and Heather.
    11/27/18. Facebook Donations to $49 Thank you Jeff, Joanne, Bernadette, Steve, David, Kristin, Riitta, Jodi Fleming, Gary, Julie, Carole, Megan, Christina, Kristin, Ryanne, Melissa, Cathy, Jennifer, Julie, Sam and Carmen.
    11/27/18. Facebook Donations to $20 Thank you Gary, Jennifer, Tiffany, Robin, Billie, Amy, Tamara, Tricia, Rebecca, James, Cheryl, Karen, Lynn, Karen, Kaye, Cindy, Patti, Nikki, Dee, Allison, Jeffrey, Courtney and Lisa.
    11/27/18. Happy Holidays from Dale, Bella and Jeb in NJ! Thanks for all you do!! From Suzanne in New Jersey.
    11/27/18. Thank you for all you do for these wonderful animals! Zeus and Olive approved this! From Julia in Ohio.
    11/27/18. Love to the Pyrs. From Maria in British Columbia.
    11/27/18. Love from Pyrs Zoe and Teddy, and little Benito the Colombian street dog xoxox. From Vanda in Arizona.
    11/27/18. From Tim and Laurel in Iowa.
    11/27/18. Thank you from Melissa in Kansas.
    11/27/18. From Gail in Massachusetts.
    11/27/18. Thank you for helping these beautiful animals. In memory of my wonderful boy Willis from Pam in RI.
    11/27/18. For Shelby. From Julie in Oregon.
    11/27/18. Warm hearts and hearths for our big fluffies. From Elizabeth in Pennsylvania.
    11/27/18. From Nancy in Florida.
    11/27/18. From Emily in Massachusetts.
    11/27/18. From JoAnna in Colorado.
    11/27/18. From Lisa in Louisiana.
    11/27/18. Love and blessings to all – From Brandi, my Pyr rescue Rumpole and his Cocker brother, Beau .
    11/27/18. From Janell in Washington.
    11/27/18. From JoAnna in Colorado.
    11/27/18. From Lori in Ohio..
    11/27/18. From my Pyr to those in need, thank you for all you do! From Erin in California.
    11/27/18. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Caitlin and Smooch in Michigan.
    11/27/18. From Elsie in New Mexico.
    11/27/18. Carly in Maryland says thank you with love! From Julia in Virginia.
    11/27/18. From Kristen in Rhode Island.
    11/27/18. Thank you from Harriet and me. From Nancy in in Connecticut.
    11/27/18. May your Holiday be as bright as ours now that Sunny has become part of our family! From Birgit in Maryland.
    11/27/18. Our two rescue Pyrs are our wonderful kids. Keep up the great work. From Mary in New Mexico.
    11/27/18. For all our Pyrs!! From Rich in New York.
    11/27/18. Merry Christmas from Brian and Denyce Matlin. From Denyce in Pennsylvania.
    11/27/18. Merry Christmas!! From Anne in Texas.
    11/27/18. Thank you for all that NGPR does! From Sarah in New York.
    11/27/18. Merry Christmas, may the New Year find loving homes for all—From Norma and my two rescues, Cassidy and Ian. From Norma in Washington.
    11/27/18. Merry Christmas and may u all have a home for Christmas. From Patricia in New York.
    11/27/18. Thanks for all the marvelous work NGPR does. From Mary in Georgia.
    11/27/18. Thank you National Pyr Rescue from Cooper and Molly. From James in New York.
    11/27/18. From Cherita in Washington.
    11/27/18. I love them all. Happy Holidays to all. From Leah in California.
    11/27/18. Thank you for loving these beautiful dogs. From Angela in New York.
    11/27/18. From Jeanine.
    11/27/18. From Mark in Nova Scotia.
    11/27/18. Thank you for all you do for all these fur babies! From Julie in Alaska.
    11/27/18. From Joanne in Pennsylvania.
    11/27/18. Happy Holidays to all! Thank you for everything you all do!!. From Alison in Massachuetts.
    11/27/18. From Joel in Massachusetts.
    11/27/18. Thank you for all the wonderful work you do saving these amazing pups. From Kristen and Halo in Massachusetts.
    11/27/18. Happy holidays from our beautiful girl, Rain! If possible, please earmark this donation for GPRS. Jonathan in Oregon.
    11/27/18. We love our Pyr Pieper and cannot imagine life without her. Thank you NGPR for all that you do. From Colleen in British Columbia.
    11/27/18. I love PYR's! From Brenden and Misty.
    11/27/18. Happy Holidays! Deborah in Massachusetts.
    11/27/18. From Jane in Rhode Island.
    11/27/18. Thank you Pyr National Rescue!! From David in Arkansas.
    11/27/18. Merry Christmas! Save them all! From Jeff in New Jersey.
    11/27/18. Greetings from Tiny and Claudine in Oregon. Susanne.
    11/27/18. Love our Pyr Rescue. Cecelia in Texas.
    11/27/18. Please share with GPRM. From Jessie in Montana.
    11/27/18. Thank you for all that you do! From Kate in Ohio.
    11/27/18. Happy Holidays. From Lindsey in Kentucky.
    11/27/18. From Jill.
    11/27/18. You helped make our home full again with adoption of Little John. From Cindy in Nevada.
    11/27/18. I love PYR's! From Charles in Oregon.
    11/27/18. From Diane in Ohio.
    11/27/18. May it be a safe and happy year for us all. From Jim in Ohio.
    11/27/18. From Terry in Texas.
    11/27/18. Thank you for everything that you do for the Pyrs in Need. From Sandy and Bruce in New York.
    11/26/18. Thank you so much for all that you do. Sending love and gratitude. From Annalisa in Maine.
    11/27/18. From Richard in Michigan.
    11/27/18. To my Pyr Friends. Love, Panda the Adopted Pyr. From Carly in Montana.
    11/27/18. God bless every fur-baby and all those who give their time to help them. Merry Christmas! From Kim in Kentucky.
    11/27/18. Just Love Our Pyr we adopted through this organization. From Jason in Michigan.
    11/27/18. From Elise in Connecticut.
    11/26/18. So happy to be able to help you help these wonderful dogs. From Carol in Pennsylvania.
    11/26/18. From Marv, Elsie and Liam in New York.
    11/26/18. From Howard in Arizona.
    11/26/18. From Theo in New York.
    11/26/18. Thank you for all this four legged love – Laurie, Tony and the Pack in Delaware.
    11/26/18. 11/26/18. From Shannon in Maryland.
    11/25/18. Thank you GPRS for everything you do!! Love, the Welborns.
    11/25/18. From Susan in Vermont.
    11/25/18. From Genevieve in Vermont.
    11/24/18. From Kathy in Massachusetts.
    11/24/18. Thanks to Elizabeth Fulsher and her efforts on behalf of Emma. She is a wonderful girl. We are very lucky to have her in our lives. Gordon in Oregon.
    11/24/18. Happy Holidays from Belle and Cass! From Sheri in New York.
    11/24/18. Merry Christmas! Thanks for saving all the fluffies! From Nancy in Colorado.
    11/24/18. Great Pyrs are the best! From Pam in Oklahoma.
    11/23/18. Happy Holidays. From Michael in Oregon.
    11/23/18. Thank you for all the help you give to these wonderful fur babies. Pam Cathy and Sully from Michigan.
    11/23/18. I absolutely adore the two i adopted from Texas! From Pat in Idaho!!
    11/23/18. Charlie & Clover thank you for rescuing them! Barb and Marty from Pennsylvania.
    11/23/18. From Lisa in New York.
    11/23/18. Love these babies! From Terry in Ohio.
    11/23/18. Keep up the Great Pyr Work! Merry Christmas! Bob & Lynda in NJ.
    11/23/18. We are so grateful for our beloved Pyr rescues who recently celebrated their two-year adoptiversary From Daryl in New Jersey.
    11/23/18. Happy Holidays to all from Bailey (rescued 6 years ago)! From Holly in Oregon.
    11/23/18. Love these babies! From Erica in Pennsylvania.
    11/23/18. From Fran in Georgia.
    11/23/18. Continue the amazing work! From Gail in Michigan.
    11/20/18. Have a Perfect Holiday season! From Judy in Ohio.