Rosebud and Ruby: Signed, Sealed and Delivered in Good Health

Rosebud and Ruby, two  pups out of Georgia sponsored by NGPR, finally made it to their forever homes Saturday.  There were many trials and tribulations along the way and some daunting medical expenses.  Both of these girls were  owner turn-ins to shelters, which means the shelters would only hold them a couple of days before euthanizing them.  Both of them came into rescue with  brothers who were also at risk and both were past the tiny puppy stage and 4-5 months old at the time of their rescue.

New Mom Maura and Rosebud (now Georgia)

New Mom Maura and Rosebud (now Georgia)

Rosebud, a Collie-Pyr mix, only weighed 26 pounds when she was rescued early in March and her weight has practically doubled since then. She came into rescue with Oreo, her brother, below.

Oreo (now Desmond) with his new family

Oreo (now Desmond) with his new family

After they were rescued,  both pups were diagnosed with coccidiosis, a common intestinal parasite in puppies that cannot be transmitted to humans or affect adult dogs.   There were several weeks of treatment and convalescence before they could be spayed, neutered and go to their forever homes.

Ruby also came to rescue  as a package with her brother,  Max.  They are purebred Pyr pups.  Their  rescue was the result of a Friday afternoon phone call from a GA shelter who said their time was up the next day if rescue didn’t come get them.  Mary,  NGPR’s new GA  contact, answered the call to save these pups, not knowing what was in store for her.  By Monday  they both were sick and diagnosed with Parvo, one of the most common but serious viral infections in dogs and puppies.  The long, expensive  battle to save  their lives began.


Ruby at her Foster's

Mary was committed to saving the pups and after several days at the vet’s on IVs, a premature release and return to the emergency clinic for Ruby, plus several days more at the vet’s for Max, both were allowed to return to Mary.  Mary got up several times a night to take their temperatures and administer medicine.  Thankfully, Ruby was well enough to be spayed last week and was able to travel to her new home in NJ on Thursday.  Max will be neutered and go to his forever home in Oregon in a couple of weeks.  Amazingly, all these pups had adopters committed to them before they got sick and who remained committed to  them through their illnesses.

About 95% of the dogs and puppies that come into rescue never get sick.  Unlike the shelters where these dogs come from, rescue will go the full mile for  a sick  dog and shoulder the responsibility and expenses that comes with that.  It costs more to adopt a dog from a rescue group but that is because we stand between shelters and adopters.  Spaying or neutering is mandatory. Dogs are vaccinated then quarantined for a few weeks before being placed to ensure that every dog is healthy by the time he or she goes to their new home.    Devoted volunteers like Mary make it possible for this to happen.  We  need your continued support to ensure that  pups like Rosebud, Oreo, Ruby and Max, get over the hurdles to make it to their forever homes.

When you click on Join/Donate, your donation or membership makes the difference in saving a dog.  Your contribution  to rescue  has a tangible financial impact but also reinforces the dedication of our frontline volunteers who stand between life and death for so many of our Pyrs in need.

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